22 April 2012

B Collection Nail Polish in London Photos, Swatches & Review

As promised from my market post, today I'll be sharing my thoughts and swatches on  B Collection's Nail Polish in London!

B Collection launched in 2009 by Bloom Cosmetics and is exclusively available at Target (in Australia only). The range contains cosmetics of all sorts, but what I'm eye-ing are their nail polishes which are inspired and named after cities all over the world!

Today's post features 'London' which isn't just your usual black polish!

London is a straight black with a twist of very fine holographic glitters that reflects to rainbow colours under sunlight and under some indoor lighting. Note that the glitter itself is holographic, not the polish!

The brush is just your average size brush applicator, very easy to work with and I'm glad I had no struggles at all!

The polish isn't gloopy, streaky or difficult to work with in any way, maybe because it is a black shade! Opaque in two coats although I do find that it chips off a bit quicker than my other polishes. By day 3, it would start to chip around the edges already!

I'll leave you to the swatches! 

Overall, I'm personally happy with the formula of this shade, how easy it is to apply and as always -- the simple bottle packaging. However, I'm not all over the chip resistant power and it's way too expensive for me, a tight-budget student!

Have you tried any products by B Collection at all?

B Collection Nail Polishes retails for $14.95 per pop and can be found at your local Target. Only available in Australia.

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me. Please refer to this site's disclosure policy.

20 April 2012

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Daily Face LIGHTWEIGHT Sunscreen Lotion Review

Back in the yonks, all I relied on for sun protection were my foundations, moisturisers and everything else under the sun except sunscreens.

Never understood the importance of sunscreen until last year and I'm not sure why. It's like I woke up one day and suddenly realised the importance of sunscreen!

I'm not even kidding.

But the ultimate equation is:

no SPF = sun spots + uneven and darken of acne scars and pigmentations + wrinkles + higher chance of skin cancer + bad stuff, badder stuff + etc (in the long run)

The only sunscreen I own right now is the Ultra Sheer Daily Face 'Lightweight' Sunscreen Lotion by Neutrogena which comes in a neatly packaged squeeze tube.

This sunscreen seriously has the BEST packaging! Product has never leaked, can be controlled by the size of the dispensing hole and the inside of the twist-on cap always remain clean. Like a nail polish, you'll have to shake it up before usage. There's a solid inside, so it's actually lots of fun to use in the morning to wake up the family. Jks, it's not that loud.

This product is briefly described as a 'light weight and oil-free sunscreen which moisturises for soft and smooth skin', whilst 'protecting the skin from burns and UVA/UVB rays which causes fine lines' by Neutrogena.

Yes. The lotion itself is extremely light weight and seriously feels like almost nothing on my skin. It IS recommended for normal-combination skin, so for drier skin types (like moi), you will need to make up to the hydration with a creamier moisturiser.

The sunscreen lotion applies on silky, blends very well and leave you with extremely smooth and silky skin, which almost feels as if you've applied a make-up base/primer. A little of this stuff goes a long way, so 30mL will last you a while!

Lastly, Neutrogena products are generally dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic.. I thought I'd just chuck that in just in case you are wondering!


A light-weight sunscreen lotion which is most suitable for normal and combination to oily skin types. Applies silky, blends effortlessly, leave skin feeling primer-smooth and only requires a small amount of product for the whole face. Product is contained in a small handy shake-up squeeze tube which is not only cute and convenient, but also travel friendly for the handbags and manbags!

Do you use sunscreen lotions/sunblocks, or do you rely on SPF from other face products?

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Daily Face Sunscreen Lotion 30+ retails for $14.99 at your local Priceline, Big W, Woolworths, Coles, Target and other Neutrogena stockists.

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me.

18 April 2012

Bellabox Australia: April's Edition

You're probably gonna find this weird, but I've decided to subscribe to Bellabox although as you know, last month's box didn't really impress moi.

You're probably wondering why, but have you heard? Benefit's is Bellabox's newest partner after the last box!

So as I saw the announcement on their Facebook Page, I decided that I will subscribe for this month only, hoping that this month will contain a Benefit goodie.. maybe a sample of their High Beam highlighter that I've been lusting about? Hehe.. sneaky!

So shall we take a look at this month's box?

Arrived in the usual cute & nifty box.

Open the black wrap to see the box packed full of goodies, or maybe the box itself is just smaller in size.

This month's Bellabox'brings to you the best of global skincare and beauty' in 'celebration of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week', which includes:

sample | Benefit 'Hello Flawless Foundation' Foundation 5mL Sample
sample | 1.5mL packs of moisturiser, facial serum and facial exfoliator from Comvita's Brightening Range
sample | pureDKNY Verbena 1.5mL

full size | OP Therapy Summer Glow Sea Salt Scrub 75mL
full size | Ulta3 Nail Polish in Burnt Orange

| Hollywood Feet Heel Cushions 2 pairs

I thought it was pretty odd that the heel cushions were included. I very rarely wear heels, but these might help my mum with her struggles in heels.

Besides that, everything in this month's box are products I would use and it's nice that they've included 3 different product samples for the Comvita Brightening Range. However, I'm generally disappointed that beauty boxes these days focus way too much on skincare and hair care. Where is all the make-up?

Beauty boxes contain 80% of either haircare and skin care that everyone may react differently to due to skin concerns (or hair concerns). How about switch it up and do 80% make-up instead? LOL.. If that's not too much to ask for!

Nuff rant.

I'm genuinely happy about the Benefit's foundation sample I've received and can't wait to try it out although the shade I receive looks a tad too dark for me!

Which are your favourite beauty box subscription companies?

Bellabox monthly subscriptions are $14.95 per month, all details can be found at their official website.

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me.

14 April 2012

Recent Priceline Haul ft. Revlon & Models Prefer

Okay!! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you guys are probably super annoyed at me for spamming (all day, everyday) that Priceline is having a great Revlon Buy One Get One Free sale for their lip and nail ranges and other selected brands.

Not only that, but for purchases over $60 (on selected brands), you'll receive a goodie bag valued over $220!

So at 9:30AM on the first sale day, I decided to not only go grocery shopping, but also make-up shopping!

Of course, I couldn't just pass by the Revlon Lip Butters stand considering that the Revlon lip and nail ranges are Buy 1 Get 1 Free, pulling the prices of these down to around $11 each.

Four shades, I actually had swatch photos with me on the morning! What a freak! Luckily, I grabbed the last Tutti Frutti! Yay for me!

For the remaining item, I picked the Models Prefer Airbrush (brush?) that I've been eyeing for quite a while now. It just looks promising! I've used it once since purchase and I have to say.. the bristles isn't irritating, but feels quite cheap. We'll see how it goes...

Looks great doesn't it?

For the goodie bag!

EcoTools Body Bath Sponge, Models Prefer Multi-Purpose Sponge, 1000 Hour Nail Foils, Press & Go Press-On Manicure, Priceline's Nourishing Facial Wipes, Manicare Tweezers and a $5 off Covergirl voucher

Natio Mineral Pressed Powder, Nude By Nature Soft Focus Illuminator, Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Blush, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick and Innoxa Lipstick

Models Prefer Eyeliner, Max Factor Xperience Volumising Mascara and Savvy by DB Eyeliner

To be honest, the product I was most excited for, from the goodie bag was Australis' Paparazzi Perfect HD Blusher. I already own two out of four shades, so I was hoping to receive a different shade. Lucky, I received Poser, one that I've been wanting to try!

I was also looking forward to own a Revlon ColourBurst Lipgloss which was featured in the sale's photograph, but came with a lipstick instead. Why? If you read carefully on the bottom of the catalogue, there's teeny tiny writing which states something along the lines of 'May vary by shade and/or product'.

Nice going.

I still look forward to trying the products in the goodie bag though!

Can't get enough of haul posts? Check out Tezza's and Amanda's Priceline haul!

Anyone also going crazy over Revlon Lip Butters?

12 April 2012

Face Of Australia Barbados Nail Polish Collection Photos, Review & Swatches

*Post has been republished as the last three shades have been added to the post, so please don't fret!

I am SO excited for today's swatches! I've been waiting for these nail polishes for yonks! I was on a tight budget, so only 5 of the 8 shades can come home with me.

Thankfully, FOA's PR kindly provided me the three shades I'm missing to complete the post of swatches and photographs.. so here we are!

You Blue Me Away is a metallic greyish-blue with extremely sparkly silver shimmers! Foil finish and two coats (below) will leave an opaque coverage.

Orange You Glad You Came is a peachy-toned orange with beautiful, fine orangey-gold shimmers. I cannot stress how beautiful and unique this polish is! Like You Blue Me Away, only takes two coats for an opaque coverage.

Let's Go Scuba Diving is a deep teal with fine blue shimmers and was the colour I was most excited for. However, I have to say that I thought it would've been more green-based and lighter according to the swatches I've seen. I still like it though! Opaque with two coats.

Another Daiquiri Please was quite difficult for me to photograph (especially the swatches) so don't mind me with the spam of photos, you know you love it anyways! It's a rosy-red with very fine magenta, orangey-gold and bright rose-pink shimmers. This shade is a little more watery than others (can be easily worked with though) so it does apply much sheerer. The finish is very smooth and below is two coats swatched.

Like Another Daisquiri Please, Bright Lights, Pink City is also a tad watery (but can be worked with) so two coats is quite sheer. Despite the consistency, this is my favourite shade from the fewer I own! It's a pink polish I've never seen before. A cool-toned fluorescent pink with beautiful gold shimmers. I can seriously stare at this polish all day!!

Party At The Gap is a medium cool-toned charcoal grey with mainly silver shimmers. The shade also have teal and pink/purple shimmers, but unfortunately, they can't really be seen unless under bright sunlight. Didn't think I'd like this, but it's actually very pretty when applied! Needs two thick coats for full coverage though!

Calypso-Gold, a pearly warm-champagne polish with fine silver/gold shimmers which adds a pop to the pearly finish. Applies very well. Not streaky, nor gloopy and takes two coats to be opaque. I also didn't think I'd really like this, but I actually find it quite nice and somewhat an elegant shade, although it does stand out quite a bit on me dark hands!

Lastly, I Like To Mauve It! It's a nice pinky-violet with mainly frosty silver shimmers and softer fuchsia shimmers. Not my cup of tea. The colour is a bit dim for my personal liking. This shade was a bit sheer, so I had to pack on 3 to 4 coats for swatch photos.

These polishes applied with no problems and dried pretty fast. The pigmentation varied by each individual shade, but all 8 shades I own was possible to work with. Didn't streak, isn't gloopy, is affordable and available at your local Priceline now for a limited time!

If you love cremes or no-shimmers, this collection either isn't interesting for you, or has absolutely blue you away and changed your mind.

Tell me what you think below!
Which ones are your faves and will you be picking any up?

Face Of Australia's Barbados Collection retails for $4.95 per bottle at Priceline, Big W and K-Mart. For international purchases, check back sometime at Fashion Addict.

*Disclaimer: Five products were purchased by me and [the last] three were kindly sent by PR to complete this post of review and swatch!
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