22 April 2012

B Collection Nail Polish in London Photos, Swatches & Review

As promised from my market post, today I'll be sharing my thoughts and swatches on  B Collection's Nail Polish in London!

B Collection launched in 2009 by Bloom Cosmetics and is exclusively available at Target (in Australia only). The range contains cosmetics of all sorts, but what I'm eye-ing are their nail polishes which are inspired and named after cities all over the world!

Today's post features 'London' which isn't just your usual black polish!

London is a straight black with a twist of very fine holographic glitters that reflects to rainbow colours under sunlight and under some indoor lighting. Note that the glitter itself is holographic, not the polish!

The brush is just your average size brush applicator, very easy to work with and I'm glad I had no struggles at all!

The polish isn't gloopy, streaky or difficult to work with in any way, maybe because it is a black shade! Opaque in two coats although I do find that it chips off a bit quicker than my other polishes. By day 3, it would start to chip around the edges already!

I'll leave you to the swatches! 

Overall, I'm personally happy with the formula of this shade, how easy it is to apply and as always -- the simple bottle packaging. However, I'm not all over the chip resistant power and it's way too expensive for me, a tight-budget student!

Have you tried any products by B Collection at all?

B Collection Nail Polishes retails for $14.95 per pop and can be found at your local Target. Only available in Australia.

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me. Please refer to this site's disclosure policy.


  1. Ooooh holographic glitter, looks great! It's a shame I haven't worn black nail polish in years...it used to be my favourite back in year 9/10.

  2. The glitter! I wish there was more of it though, imo but probably can be layered with another holographic glitter polish. $14.95! Wow, I think I'm better off with OPI in that case. Hope the quality is as good though. I wouldn't mind pay $14.95 if the formula is super dooper awesome.


  3. Ooh this is gorgeous! I have Venezuela, Sydney and Tel Aviv in the polishes and think that they are great!

    Sharleena xx

  4. Gorgeous!! I've never tried any B Collection nail polishes before but I definitely like this one :) Such flawless swatches by the way, awesome job (love your nails)

  5. Yet to try bloom polishes but their lipglosses are madl love!

  6. love the nail polish. :) lets follow each other. i'm following you. :)


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