30 November 2014

New On Shelf: Australis, Face Of Australia, Models Prefer, Ulta3, Ardell

Hay yo! Another month, another post!

My pocket has been sooooo emptied from my dental fees and Christmas presents for the past weeks, that it's not funny. Urgh. I won't be joining you in this month's "I'd really like to see...", because just the slight thought of it.. is not good.

OK. I FORGOT. JUST AFTER 10 SECONDS OF WRITING THAT PARAGRAPH, I remembered I had won a $100 Priceline Gift Card from Every Little Polish (thanks Rose!) and also got my hands on Rimmel's latest lip range.

Actually no, those need to be saved for purchasing my mother's favourite Biore cleansers.. Forgot. (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

Face Of Australia Eye Lights Under Eye Concealer ($12.95/2 shades)
I've mentioned this twice, still trying to trial it for an in-depth review. FOA says, the click-pen highlighter "provides coverage for dark circles, uneven skin tone and fine lines. Also reflects light for a dewy and fresh look". 

Face Of Australia Lumi-tint ($12.95/4 shades)
YAY??? Something [extremely] different! Like tinted-highlighting sticks that can be used as a cream blush, highlighter, and the "darker shades can also be used for subtle contouring". Made to suit all skin tones, and sensitive skin types!

Ardell Lashes

Both items ($9.99) are of the same range, offering a slightly flared look. Permanently curled, weightless and waterproof. Suitable for those with "small, large, round, almond-shaped or deep-set eyes". 

We also have 3 additions (or launches) to the Natural Half Lash range, which is suitable for all eye shapes. Mainly enhances density along the outer edge of the lashline.
  • Lash Accents 301 Black ($9.99)
  • Lash Accents 318 Black ($9.99)
  • Lash Accents 305 Black ($9.99)

I'm not sure when these products were launched, but.. Umm!!! I'll go through them quickly anyways, since most were made for the upcoming Christmas season.

Perfect Balance Foundation ($9.95/5 shades)
A lightweight, oil-free foundation that offers a glowing complexion and smooth finish. One layer for a sheer tint and build-up for a fuller coverage. 

Perfect Balance Primer ($8.95)
Creates a smooth base for foundation, and helps to ensure make-up stays put throughout the day! Also contains argan oil to hydrate the skin.

I've mentioned their Advent Calendar ($24.00) in my last #NOS post, but they also have other Christmas packs...

  • Candy Cane ($12.95) contains some limited edition and some popular Ulta3 shades.
  • Lip & Nail Pack ($4.00/6 sets) contains a nail polish and their Moisturising Lipstick.
  • Colour Me Pretty Lipstick Crayon Pack ($12.00), a Christmas pack containing 3 lip shades.

Nails, Nails, Nails! ($10/7-pack or $20/15-pack), a twist on Santa's Ho-ho-ho! The gift pack contains a range of nail colours to suit every festive function. Pastel, fluros, glittery, shimmery -- all in here!

Watercolour Nail Art ($10/set of four or $2/ea) -- special effect colour tints that add a wash of transparent colour to the nails. To be applied as a tinted top coat over a white base polish. Would LOVE to see how this works...

Next brand!

Australis Bronzeyed Girl Eyeshadow Palette ($9.95)

Models Prefer Soft Touch Mineral Powder ($16.99/3 shades)
I've seen some beauties on Facebook raving about these, a cheap and efficient [baked] highlighting powder, although it's marked as a "finishing powder". Wot?

I really wanted these during the 40% Priceline sale! Raaar. Instant regret for not picking up one.

That's all! 

online survey

I don't know about you, but I'd love my hands on those MP Soft Touch Powders, FOA Lumi-tints and SEE how those Ulta3 Watercolour lacquers look on the nails!

Let me know if there are other products I've missed out on!

28 November 2014

Travel Make-Up Bag


Well, I had like, half an hour to pack my make-up bag [to Melbourne for 4 days] and here were the products that I chose to bring with me. Good news is that I did not regret bringing any one of these products! Yay! Some, I did not even use.

My go-to make-up bag is this red bag by The Face Shop. A friend (?) from Singapore had sent me this last year, and it has been my bag since! It's very spacious and pretty, but I need a new one. Which bag do you use as your travel make-up bag?


Skin has been real good to me, so I didn't bother with the primer and powder. As long as I have my Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation ($19.95), a long-lasting foundation with a natural, dewy finish and medium/full coverage. Easy to apply, so it's perfect for on-the-go's!

Brought this along, but never used it -- Face Of Australia Eye Lights Under Eye Concealer* ($12.95).


Four of these brushes are by Royal & Langnickel's Silk Green Line*. The Powder Brush was once, what it was supposed to be used for, a powder brush. However, it's now my bronzing brush. I seldom powder anymore, with my new foundation!

Then there's the blusher brush, that I use to apply blushers and highlighters.

The next two are for my browns! Small slanted brush for drawing in the tail of my brows and the squared tip brush to fill in the inside of the brows. Its width fits the size of my brows purrrfectly!

Traditional synthetic foundation brush by Nude By Nature*. Nothing special.


Three palettes, or technically 2 palettes and 1 small shade for my brows. I've only brought the Le'lan Vital palette to use the dark brown for my brows.. Eehm. So bulky. I really need a new product for my brows!!

BYS Blusher Trio 'On The Bright Side' ($6.95) was the palette I selected to suit my pink lipsticks. Blushers and lip colours always need to match-up in my beauty world, so only brought along a set of pink blushers/lippies.

I really like the bronzer of Face Of Australia's Glamazon Leopardess Contour & Highlight Kit* ($9.95). It suits my skin much more than my previous favourite, Australis' Jumbo Mineral Bronzer. My FAVOURITE HIGHLIGHTER OF ALL TIME IS STILL The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer, but I didn't want to risk breaking that again, so nah.


My favourite felt-tip liner, Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner ($13.95). Long lasting and easy to use, good stuff!

Another item I've brought, but never really used is Australis' Lash & Brow Extender ($10.95). Also needed a brown eyeliner for lazy-eyeliner days, so Savvy by DB's Brilliant Bronze ($7.95) was my pick!


No lip-glosses allowed, because I'm always lazy to touch-up. I actually brought 3 products along with me, but one died on the way home, so here are the two left.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo ($12.95), a long-lasting red that I could always depend on! Yes! Then there's Face Of Australia Lip Quench in Peaches & Cream* ($9.45). Many dislike the scent of this, but this is one of my favourite pink shades!


Other small products and items:

Random eyelash curler, Face Of Australia Sharpener ($4.95), Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm* ($6.95), Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (sample) and The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream (sample).

That's all! Even though I only spent half an hour to collect these, there were no times that I gasped, "ah I should've brought..." during the trip. These were perfect!

Rewind back, I wouldn't change a single thing!

OK. I lied. Maybe more lipsticks..

polls & surveys

Disclaimer: Products marked with (*) were provided for consideration only. 

26 November 2014

A [beauty] blast from the past!

This post has been stuck in my 'drafts' for SO long. You won't believe it. Probably for two years now. It's a post full of heart-breaking (and skin-breaking) memories for me.

A journey of changes in the past 5 years, in terms of beauty. What I'm talking about is skin, make-up styles, interests, etc. Just cause we all know I've always been beautiful.. *brb, puking*

2009 -- 16 years

I was 16 in this photo and behind me sat my closest friend at the time (if I could remember, she was probably my only friend too). We were at her house working on our Multimedia assessment, I believe! No make-up (I think). 

2010 -- 17 years young, HSC student.

2010 was probably the most miserable year of my life, no joke! I was struggling so much through everything -- family, friends and my skin was just disastrous! 

Early 2010

Early 2010 (lookin' better with make-up and a shit quality webcam!)

Skin: I started 2010 with very bad cystic acne. Hopped onto the Roaccutane bandwagon as suggested by a friend, Jeff.
Beauty: Had eyelash extensions & started wearing circle lenses. Loved nude lips and dark-lined eyes

June 2010 -- swatching NYX's Sky Pink

Skin: Mum was right when she said "Your whole face is covered in pimples, the only places without pimples are your eye areas". :(
Beauty: Piled on more foundations and BB creams to cover up those cystic breakouts! I remember feeling quite uncomfortable without coverage make-up.. but who wouldn't with such disastrous breakouts? :( Still really liked nude lips........................ even though they didn't suit moi.

September 2010

Skin: Skin was super dry from Roaccutane, but cystic breakouts slowly went away..
Beauty: Still wore the same amount of make-up, but slowly dropped the circle lenses! Started wearing nude-pinks instead of the usual nude-beiges.

2011 -- 18 years old.

Feb 2011

Skin: Skin recovered completely from cystic breakouts, but was still quite dry!
Beauty: Wore more natural make-up and never stepped out of my comfort zone. Preferred lipglosses over lipsticks.

March 2011

Beauty: Was really inspired by Lee Hyori's make-up for CLEO cosmetics!

April 2011

Skin: Skin slowly recovered from flakes and dryness, but no more breakouts at all.
Beauty: Started experimenting with different products and brushes and started lining the lower lash line more often. Still in love with lipglosses and preferred natural rosey pinks.

May 2011

Skin: No more skin problems except for the leftover acne scars.
Beauty: Always wore foundation. Was really in love with Park Bom's (from 2NE1) make-up, so I started sporting really dramatic winged out eyeliner and double eyelid tapes. Those were the days...

June 2011

Skin: Really bad eye-bags, acne scars still chillin' around.
Beauty: Still ALWAYS wore foundation. Ventured into the world of lipsticks. Still a bit between both lipsticks and glosses.

2012 -- 19 years old.

January 2012

Skin: Slightly dry areas around the cheeks (still like that, now).
Beauty: Still self-concious about my skin. This was at the beach, and if I remember correctly, I wore foundation to the beach. Brows are horrible. Just straight, never really bothered/looked into them at that point in time. Confident enough to leave home without eyeliner and the rest.

2013 -- 20 years old!

January 2013

Skin: Foundation still all over, but I slowly started to feel comfortable going out without foundation.
Beauty: Still a victim of wearing wrong-toned foundations. Discovered the world of corals, I believe. 2013 was probably the year of corals for me. I loved coral lipsticks and blushers! Brows are STILL meh. What!!!
Hair: Dyed it. Brown. First time ever.

April 2013

Beauty: Minimal make-up. MY BROWS FINALLY LOOKS OK!!!
Hair: Regrowth. Too cheap to touch-up/redye. Screw it!

 December 2013

Beauty: Flick-out eyeliners all day, every freaking day! Tried hard on brows, but both sides are STILL so hard to even out!
Hair: Dyed hair back to black in October 2013. 

2014 -- 21 years old!!

May 2014

Beauty: I've began to drop off eyeliners. I wore very little. 2014 is the year of brows for me. Brows suddenly became extremely important. Here, in this photo, I'm still trying to even them out. Wore very minimal make-up out, unless it's a special occasion.
Hair: Chopped short, a tad longer than shoulder-length.

November 2014 (now!)

Beauty: My eyelids grew, over the many nights of being upset. My eyelids were never thick, but as you can see from this photo, they are somewhat visible now. My eyelids were double before, but also hooded! I slowly dropped off eyeliner, however, mascara is slowly becoming a daily necessity! Brows NEEDS TO BE ON POINT. Currently really into matte lip products. Could leave home without a trace of make-up. Np.

Hair: Growing!! Still waiting to chop it off to donate to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. Really want to balayage it as soon as it's cut short!

That's up till now!

Now, I'm happy to say I can leave the house without make-up, still feeling confident. I feel like make-up surely does make me feel "prettier", but I'm fine without it. I'm now confident in my own skin, make-up is only a bonus.

However, just because I said that, doesn't mean you get to challenge me to CLUBS, PUBS, PARTIES WITHOUT MAKE-UP ALRIGHT???

Grooming is a form of manners, afterall.. So go away you boys who thinks all of us "wear make-up because we are not confident in ourselves!" or it's to "impress guys". It's only the same if those are the same reasons why you gel your hair and shave your mo'!

Leave us alone!!!

24 November 2014

Mani-Monday: No Room for the Blues!

God. I love names of OPI nail lacquers -- almost always punny!

I've purchased this from the markets (haul is yet to be posted, but will come soon... hopefully) for $5! It was labelled NEW, but I could careless whether it's new or used. I just want it!

I don't have any blue nail polishes by OPI in my collection, so No Room for the Blues ($20.00) is the very first. Welcome to my stash you bright, babe'n blue!

This is probably my second brightest blue after Illamasqua's Serenity, but it's still quite bright on the nails. Reminds me a lot of Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away at first swatch. Will have to dig that one out to whip up a comparison some time!

Smooth, creamy formula as most OPI's are.

Are there room for the blues in YOUR nail stash?

I always welcome blues into my collection, but I don't usually wear blues this bright. Still worth having in the collection, but I'll stick to dark to deep, royal blues!

23 November 2014

Lip Love: essence Lipliner in Wish Me A Rose


After so much hype about essence's lip-liner in In The Nude, I've decided to look into it during Priceline's 40% sale which happened last Tuesday/Wednesday.

Sadly, the shade was already gone before I even hit up Priceline.. meep. So I picked up Wish Me A Rose instead, and OH MY GOD! Seriously one of the best buys. I'm SO in love with this lip colour right now.

It looks like an average dusty rose on the outside, but the shade pops against my skin so much. I love it!

I can't exactly describe the colour, but see for yourself!

The formula is extremely creamy, and gets even creamier with this Sydney heat. My advice is to store this in the fridge until a few minutes before usage or sharpening. It'll be way too creamy in this 30+ degrees heat, y'know?

The lasting power isn't bad for its price ($2.00/6 shades). It lasts quite a while before I've to retouch, about 5 hours. The product is still there, but because the shade is so light [and doesn't stain], a slight retouch is needed after a few hours + after food/snacks.

OVERALL, lovely shade, beautiful price (c'mon, it's $2 y'all!), just plain.. awesome! I'm seriously looking forward to try out the other shades... if my Priceline decides to ever restock these.. (¬д¬。)

Have you tried ANY essence lip liners?
Do you own the highly-raved In The Nude from this range?

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by moi. 

21 November 2014

7 Things about Melbourne from a Sydney-sider

Hello. Yes, I've been MIA for the past fewer days if you had not realised (boo on you!). I've packed and headed to Melbourne along with 3 of my highschool girlfriends. It's a trip we've been postponing for a few years now. So.... FINALLY!

It was my FIRST time being interstate (yay!), and guess what Melbourne-rs?!


No joke.

Let me tell you about my experience in Melbourne doe.

1. Going to Melbourne and your name is Tram. 
Unlike Sydney, tram lines are everywhere in Melbourne! Oh god, on my first day there... you have NO idea how many times I've turned around to my friends saying "tram's here", and on the second day, you have NO idea how many times I did NOT turn when they're calling me. #confused

Here's some tram-on-tram action for y'all...

SNIPPET STORY: In highschool, whenever I answered a question correctly, my English teacher would always say, "Tram's on the right track today!". Hahahhaa #punny!

Anyways, your tram-lines are freaking awesome! If you think it's shit, then don't ever come to Sydney. Late and slow buses everywhere. Only a few trams around too.

2. Streets are freaking big.
Yeah, driving streets. Probably, because tram-lines are everywhere, but still! Even the pathway in the CBD are a lot bigger than here in Sydney. Actually, stores, shops, everything! Everything is so big!

3. Transports are bloody cheap.
YES. Your Myki system is so hard to follow with my memory of a goldfish... I always forget to tap off, but yeah, I know. Most people don't even tap on. Still so cheap though. You have a daily cap price! If I lived there, I would probably ponder everywhere.. hahaha.

OMG. I LOVED the sight of seeing people bike around in Melbourne! People in business suits too. I love that Melbourne had their own bike lanes on most (?) roads. I'd LOVE to bike around!

5. Hook turns... wtf. 
As much as I love Melbourne, the street layouts are so confusing. Hook turns... Will never drive around in Melbourne... Srsly >_<

6. Crispy chicken rice
Crispy chicken rice with no nuoc mam......... wtf. On my first day, I've dropped by a Vietnamese cuisine to feed. In Sydney, these dishes are served with nuoc mam. It'd look something like this..

But my rice was served with sweet-chilli sauce. Is that normal?! I don't think any soup was served with my dish either. Let me know if this was right Melbourne-folks.

7. McDonald's being named Maccas. 
As I stepped out of the train station, I spotted McDonalds. Umm... They were also called "Macca's"... No biggie, but it was definitely strange! I've never seen this in Sydney, I don't think...

That's it. Odd number, but I could only think of 7 things... hehe. 

Overall, I really like Melbourne! Fingers crossed I'll be back there soon to meet with some other friends. 


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