08 November 2014

Some Outstanding Sales (8 Nov 2014): Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Woolworths


Time is running, these sales will be ending in approx. 5 days. Grab em' whilst you can!

The smaller items makes great stocking stuffers for Xmas too!

1. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: $2.99 for Maybelline ELECTRO POP Baby Lips. Ends 16 Nov.

2. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: $2.99 for Rimmel Keep Calm Lip Balms. Ends 16 Nov.

3. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Original Source Shower Gels, $1.99. Ends 16 Nov.

4. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balms, $4.69. Ends 16 Nov.

5. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: NEW Revlon PhotoReady AIRBRUSH Effect, $29.99 (RRP $36.95) --- did not know they released a reformulated range. Ends 16 Nov.

6. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Rimmel Provocalips, swatches here, $12.99 each. Ends 16 Nov.

7. PRICELINE: Maybelline Baby Lips, 3 for $10. Ends 17 Nov.

8. PRICELINE: NEW Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara, $15 (RRP $23.95). Ends 17 Nov.

9. PRICELINE: Purchase Maybelline Big Eye Mascara + Liner for $20! Ends 17 Nov.

10. PRICELINE: OPI nail lacquers (limited shade range), $10. Ends 17 Nov.

11. PRICELINE: Rimmel Provocalips, $13.46 each. Ends 17 Nov.

12. PRICELINE: ENTIRE Nivea Cleansing range, $5.99 each. Ends 17 Nov.

13. WOOLWORTHS: 1/2 PRICE on Nivea Cleansing Wipes. Not sure of ending time.


  • CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: $2.99 for Maybelline ELECTRO POP Baby Lips.
  • PRICELINE: Maybelline Baby Lips, 3 for $10. 

  • CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: $2.99 for Rimmel Keep Calm Lip Balms.
  • PRICELINE: With 25% OFF Rimmel, Keep Calm Lip Balms are approx. $2.60.

  • CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Rimmel Provocalips, swatches here, $12.99 each. 
  • PRICELINERimmel Provocalips, $13.46 each

GIFT PACKS (just wanted to share a few that I thought was interesting!)


PRICELINE (Ends Nov 17)

Rimmel Gift Set, $20

Revlon Whimsical Gift Set, $29.95

I've also spotted other fab gift sets at Priceline, but I'll share about them in another post! They're not on sale, and will be there until next month, I believe!

Have a lovely day, where ever you are situated in the world!

Disclosure: Not sponsored/affiliated with the stores mentioned. Just sharing cas I wanna punch a big hole in your pockets! 


  1. Ooh those gift sets look tempting... not even thinking as a gift but for myself hahaha. Like I need more lip products :'(

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. This is really helpful thanks! And you are right they would make great stocking fillers.
    Renee x


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