21 November 2014

7 Things about Melbourne from a Sydney-sider

Hello. Yes, I've been MIA for the past fewer days if you had not realised (boo on you!). I've packed and headed to Melbourne along with 3 of my highschool girlfriends. It's a trip we've been postponing for a few years now. So.... FINALLY!

It was my FIRST time being interstate (yay!), and guess what Melbourne-rs?!


No joke.

Let me tell you about my experience in Melbourne doe.

1. Going to Melbourne and your name is Tram. 
Unlike Sydney, tram lines are everywhere in Melbourne! Oh god, on my first day there... you have NO idea how many times I've turned around to my friends saying "tram's here", and on the second day, you have NO idea how many times I did NOT turn when they're calling me. #confused

Here's some tram-on-tram action for y'all...

SNIPPET STORY: In highschool, whenever I answered a question correctly, my English teacher would always say, "Tram's on the right track today!". Hahahhaa #punny!

Anyways, your tram-lines are freaking awesome! If you think it's shit, then don't ever come to Sydney. Late and slow buses everywhere. Only a few trams around too.

2. Streets are freaking big.
Yeah, driving streets. Probably, because tram-lines are everywhere, but still! Even the pathway in the CBD are a lot bigger than here in Sydney. Actually, stores, shops, everything! Everything is so big!

3. Transports are bloody cheap.
YES. Your Myki system is so hard to follow with my memory of a goldfish... I always forget to tap off, but yeah, I know. Most people don't even tap on. Still so cheap though. You have a daily cap price! If I lived there, I would probably ponder everywhere.. hahaha.

OMG. I LOVED the sight of seeing people bike around in Melbourne! People in business suits too. I love that Melbourne had their own bike lanes on most (?) roads. I'd LOVE to bike around!

5. Hook turns... wtf. 
As much as I love Melbourne, the street layouts are so confusing. Hook turns... Will never drive around in Melbourne... Srsly >_<

6. Crispy chicken rice
Crispy chicken rice with no nuoc mam......... wtf. On my first day, I've dropped by a Vietnamese cuisine to feed. In Sydney, these dishes are served with nuoc mam. It'd look something like this..

But my rice was served with sweet-chilli sauce. Is that normal?! I don't think any soup was served with my dish either. Let me know if this was right Melbourne-folks.

7. McDonald's being named Maccas. 
As I stepped out of the train station, I spotted McDonalds. Umm... They were also called "Macca's"... No biggie, but it was definitely strange! I've never seen this in Sydney, I don't think...

That's it. Odd number, but I could only think of 7 things... hehe. 

Overall, I really like Melbourne! Fingers crossed I'll be back there soon to meet with some other friends. 



  1. Yay! Glad to see you love our city :) and I totally agree about the hook turns - soooo confusing!

    Ash / thebeautycollection.wordpress.com

  2. Haha I'm from Melbourne and I'll agree with you, the Myki system is pretty confusing at first but you'll get the hang of it! Glad you like it though :) xx

  3. Glad you enjoyed yourself! :)
    Strange hearing an outsiders perspective on my town. I guess normal is boring but good to hear a different point of view!
    Hook turns are actually easy once you get the hang of them! They're there so cars don't block the team lines!

  4. Did you hire a blue bike and ride around the city especially in the paths in the gardens? Your visit must have been a while ago as McD is only called Maccas on Swanston now and not Liz. :P If you were after postcards hoped you visited the Authur Warehouse underground. ;)

    1. I didn't! I was so broke after eating out everyday, didn't have money for hiring bikes. Would be awesome though! :P *adds to bucket list*

  5. I love watching people do the hook turns. Coming from Sydney, driving around Melb is much easier!

  6. I have been living in Melbourne for so many years and never noticed that "Macca" board. Haha. Ops!


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