24 November 2014

Mani-Monday: No Room for the Blues!

God. I love names of OPI nail lacquers -- almost always punny!

I've purchased this from the markets (haul is yet to be posted, but will come soon... hopefully) for $5! It was labelled NEW, but I could careless whether it's new or used. I just want it!

I don't have any blue nail polishes by OPI in my collection, so No Room for the Blues ($20.00) is the very first. Welcome to my stash you bright, babe'n blue!

This is probably my second brightest blue after Illamasqua's Serenity, but it's still quite bright on the nails. Reminds me a lot of Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away at first swatch. Will have to dig that one out to whip up a comparison some time!

Smooth, creamy formula as most OPI's are.

Are there room for the blues in YOUR nail stash?

I always welcome blues into my collection, but I don't usually wear blues this bright. Still worth having in the collection, but I'll stick to dark to deep, royal blues!


  1. I'm not huge on blue but I really love that colour. OPI is always a great brand for finding unique colours :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. OMG!!! This is a very pretty blue nail color that I am so excited to try out. I am not a fan of blue but this really have caught my attention. Loving it!!!!

  3. I love that bright blue. I want a shade like that to add to my collection!


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