23 November 2014

Lip Love: essence Lipliner in Wish Me A Rose


After so much hype about essence's lip-liner in In The Nude, I've decided to look into it during Priceline's 40% sale which happened last Tuesday/Wednesday.

Sadly, the shade was already gone before I even hit up Priceline.. meep. So I picked up Wish Me A Rose instead, and OH MY GOD! Seriously one of the best buys. I'm SO in love with this lip colour right now.

It looks like an average dusty rose on the outside, but the shade pops against my skin so much. I love it!

I can't exactly describe the colour, but see for yourself!

The formula is extremely creamy, and gets even creamier with this Sydney heat. My advice is to store this in the fridge until a few minutes before usage or sharpening. It'll be way too creamy in this 30+ degrees heat, y'know?

The lasting power isn't bad for its price ($2.00/6 shades). It lasts quite a while before I've to retouch, about 5 hours. The product is still there, but because the shade is so light [and doesn't stain], a slight retouch is needed after a few hours + after food/snacks.

OVERALL, lovely shade, beautiful price (c'mon, it's $2 y'all!), just plain.. awesome! I'm seriously looking forward to try out the other shades... if my Priceline decides to ever restock these.. (¬д¬。)

Have you tried ANY essence lip liners?
Do you own the highly-raved In The Nude from this range?

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by moi. 


  1. I am head over heels with Essence liners too. The shade looks great on you! Same, my Priceline didn't stock up on "In the Nude" before the sale even started. Sigh I wanted to grab a backup as my current is almost finished.

    Wendy x

    1. I can't believe I've never heard of them before, haha! I WOULD LIKE JUST 1 "IN THE NUDE", JUST ONE! Eeeeeep.

  2. I have always been a fan of essence!
    The lip liner looks very pigmented and perhaps worth a try, nice post! :)

    alice .xoxo


  3. Looks very pretty on you, love the color. Wanna try these liners

  4. I will be honest, I haven't dabbled too much with Essence, I have used their clear brow mascara which was ok but I really want to try a little more. Everybody seems to really love their lip liners, I should have picked some up at the 40% off sale, regretting that I didn't haha.

    Becoming Becca

    1. Yea, I think their products are okay. Not that great, but some are quite a hit! :P

  5. Ohhh, the color looks so cute on you! I like it :)
    Need to head to the essence counter to check out their lip liners...

    Liebste Grüße,

  6. Oh wow that's super creamy for a lipliner! Most I've seen and used give a dry finish so I'm very intrigued :o I haven't used any Essence ones before but now I want to hehe. It's such a gorgeous colour too and very very affordable, thanks for sharing!

  7. WHAAT I didn't even know this shade existed!! I have Cute Pink which I like, but this one I must check out!


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