30 December 2010

My take on 2010! Ready for 2011!

Being so inspired by Ailing, I'm gonna post the moments of 2010 too! Only a few because this year wasn't so great. If you've followed me for a while now, you'll know that somewhere in june or july till august, I was posting so many rants up about problems with friends. blah blah blah!

Anyways, please do a post of your moments of 2010 too! It can be about anything! Family.. relationship.. friends! I follow quite a few people and I remember reading posts about them being engageddddd! Oh cute stuff!

Please share me your posts too!

#1 Graduated high school!
After 13 years of school, I've finally graduated this year. The graduation ceremony was held on the 21st of September and I was the designer of the booklet cover! Hooraay!!

I don't know what to say besides telling you all that I'll miss school very much! I remember entering school on the very first day and shifted immediately to someone I knew, Shanny. And we'd stand together every single morning just because we don't know anyone (well I didn't). Until we met friends and gradually move on with school life. Turned from groups to groups, passed my teenybooper stage & then matured, become more respectful with more manners!

Year 12 Formal was included in this package too!

#2 Discovered beauty blogs & creating one for myself
I'm happy that I've created this blog (January 16th)! I've met so many new people like... Tezza, Mish, Susie, Georgina, Jennifer, Ailing, Natasha & of course, I already know my school friends Alice & Viv! There are many more people I've met who's been very generous. I remember for the rant postings.. there were gals who read (even tho the post was very long) and commented some encouragements! I appreciated it very much! Thank you SO much!

All I can say is I wish everyone a Happy New Years! Remember to stick to your resolutions and have a safe New Years with your family & friends.

#3 Getting my P's
I still can't believe that I passed my driving test! I can drive now!! However, I don't have a car, so I only use my cousin's car... sometimes. I remember the instructor telling me that I had 9 mistakes... if I had one more mistake, I would've failed!
So that was the biggest fluke for me!

#4 Got over my depressed stage
Yay for getting over the time of your life! I used to be very depressed when I was in 9th grade and it went on for about 1.5 years! Towards the end of 10th grade, I made a good girl friend who I love love love love! I remember hanging around with her at the time.. we just sat on the same table, I was really alone and she looked at me one day and asked 'Why are you always so sad?'. I loved the fact that she cared, though I didn't know her really well! Appreciates it very muchies *tears

And this year hasn't been so great, in March, I've became upset and it pulled my mood down till after I graduated. I've been very happy these days that I don't have to face fewer people anymore. I love being happy now! I used to never know how people are always so happy, but I just became more and more optimistic and looked at life from another point of view! It's great!

#5 Found my friendship group!
I've met lots of people throughout my school life and like everyone, could draw a line to separate the goodies and the not-so-good. Finally found my group of friends who I could stick to this year! I'm so happy :P

I love my girlfriends cause they were always there for me and I never felt so much support in my life! Yay!! Everytime we're together, we don't gossip! We just joke around about each other, sing, dance, be weird & reminisce about school life! And shopping! :P

#6 Hanging out with my neighbour
So... I know when I say neighbour, you'll think of a typical Asian dad who lives next door LOL :( My neighbour is actually only one year older than me :P It's great because we talk about each others' lives without having to know who we're talking about. Which means.. no drama. blah blah blah And he's a good friend :] I'd say. Someone I can hang out and talk to everyday without having to walk too far LOL! Love love love!

We've been arguing quite alot these fewer weeks but it doesn't stop me from saying that he's one of the best thing which happened in my life :P Love yaaaaaa Davina :]~

#7 Kebubba!
It was unexpectedly when we started talking!! I'd always the one starting the conversation with him on MSN, and then we talked more and more and now it's normal! He finally starting to nudge me on MSN too whenever he talks. So I no longer have to be the one who always shows initiative! Yay!
Right now, we're talking on MSN via mic and he keeps making these goddam weird sounds which I can't even focus on writing a paragraph about him! Goddamit !!! Angry.
He's been a great friend too!! I love how he thinks like a girl.. Sometimes when he asks me something, I say 'No' and he actually knows that I mean 'Yes'.

Love you too Kebubba ^o^

#8 I quit drinking!
I used to drink drink drink [alcohol] at parties ALOT. However, after March, before I turn 17. I quit drinking!! I no longer thrash myself at parties anymore because.... !

#9 COD addict!
I finally understood why boys love their Xbox or PS3 so much! I loveeeeee playing COD! I really want a XBOX sometime soon... :( Call of Duty is so much fun... sorry girls :P

#10 My acne has gone away completely!
Yay for no more breakouts! After my trip to the dermatologist and being on Roaccutane for 4 months now (?), I no longer have to suffer from cystic acne! I no longer break out from eating KFC or migoreng.. or staying up late :P
Finally a boost of confidence for me :P Yay! All I got to do now is get rid of these scars :P Yay!!!

That is all...
Please do a post of your highlights of 2010 too!
I'd love to know!! :]

21 December 2010

Review: B.Liv by Cellnique (Drench Me & Submerge Me)

Hello world!
How have you guys all been?

Not too long ago... I was sent two products from B.LIV by Cellnique to review for my fellow followers which includes: Submerge Me & Drench Me.

So if you're not familiar with this company, let's do a little research!

Cellnique is a company based in Malaysia and Singapore, offering the products of the finest quality to treat several different cases of skin problems/types. Their range includes: acne, aging, congestion, discoloration, dehydration, open pores, sensitive and scarring.

B.LIV, originally named 'Cellnique Pro-Series' is one of their release lines targetting a total of 4 different ranges. This includes the: blackhead range, large pores range, blemish/acne range and a range for people with dry skin!

Each range has approximately 3~4 products to help improve your skin conditions and prices varies.

I think what interests me most is their '14-days money back guranteed' policy. Promising a refund if the products were not performing up to the customer's expectation within 14 days of purchase! They also offer exchanges for faulty products. i.e. if the pump is not working properly. Great policy! :)

Okay.. so first off!

Drench Me
This ultra-silky weightless gel cleanser frees your face from impurities, while ensuring your skin’s much needed moisture never flees. Seaweed,Aloe Vera and Green Tea extracts – a robust combination in a hydrating cleanser that ensures your skin stays supple and moist. Together with antioxidant properties, Drench Me keeps aging signs at bay.
sourced from HERE >

Product type: Cleanser

Claims (on packaging): The moisturizing cleanser frees your face from inpurities while ensuring your skin's much-need moisture never flees. Drench Me is a balm for faces soiled and dry, as it washes away dirt and dust - while keeping skin supple and moist. Its anti-oxidant properties keep aging signs at bay, and its water-binding ability keeps you hydrated all day.

- Use Drench Me 2-3 times daily, before using Quench Me.
- Wet your face with water.
- Pump 1-2 pea-sized drops onto your wet palm and lather with water.
- Apply gently on your face using upward circular motions.
- Rinse well with lots of water.

Price: US$25.00

Capacity: 4.4 FL OZ/130ml

*No animal testing
*Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy

Made in: Singapore


I really DO like the packaging of this bottle. The pump works really well! One full pump would give approximately be about 1/30 of the bottle, which is quite alot since you're only suppose to use 1-2 pea-sized drops at a time. No complains about the pump.

The bottle is NOT transparent, however is little see-through which allows you to check your usage... which is great! :)

For size comparison with my phone

On the back of the bottle, details the ingredients, directions, claims and the website.
Twisting off the cap of the bottle...

I absolutely LOVE the packaging design of the bottle! Am happy that after finishing this product, I could re-use the bottle for another product! :)

When I received it.. it came like this..

Great stuff! If I were to camp, sleepover or travel elsewhere.. I could definitely put this in my bag without having to worry it will be a mess. Thank you for the invention of the little clip, stopping from accidental pumps! :)

I'm not sure if this product had any box packaging, when I both products.. Drench Me didn't have a box packaging, so I highly doubt it.

Anyways, before you say I'm so easily amused.. hawhaw :D

I can definitely smell the Aloe Vera, however I don't know about any other particular substances which contributes to the scent. I'd say the scent is very pleasant and does not bother me at all. Smells yummy :3

This product is a cleansing gel, so no doubt, is in gel form. The gel has a brown shade to it, just a little brown, but that shouldn't matter - although, at times, I do wonder why it's brown LOL :|

Now.. I use this together with 'Submerge Me' which is a moisturizing booster, so I'll try my best to tell you about ! :)

I use this in the morning when I wake up.. or shall I say.. at noon since I've been waking up at 2PM every day and I really do like it! The after-feel feels sooo good! My skin feels so soft and smooth!
After about 10 minutes of using this, my skin isn't as dry anymore, however is still a little bit flaky. However, do take into consideration that I don't exfoliate. I only exfoliate.. maybe once a month when I'm bothered :P

This moisturizing gel works pretty well and the product itself, does not have any downfalls. The only factor to consider is the price. US$25.00 for this bottle, I think is somewhat pricey.
Before putting my hands onto this product, I was using Bioglo's Skin Perfecting Cleanser and would say they are quite comparable. However, for Bioglo, my skin feels a little bit tighter after.. however that doesn't bother me.
They both remove my make-up, noting that my make-up routine consist of:
- Moisturizer
- Maybelline Mineral Liquid Foundation
- American Beauty Powder
- Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder

So for me.. after finishing this bottle of DrenchMe, I'd most likely go back to my Bioglo's Skin Perfecting Cleanser since it's only AUD$10.50 and works almost the same. Pin-pointing that it also consist of Aloe Vera, so it would be quite comparable to Bliv.

For mini-reviews on the website, you can visit the product page HERE >


This was also another product they sent me to review.

Submerge Me
Thirsty? With the new “SKIN BIO-MIMIC” technology, Submerge Me offers deep moisture penetration to serve intensive and instant relief to parched skin as well as brightens dull complexions and calms skin irritations. Take our advice, it’s best to take the plunge with Submerge Me’s faithful mate – the ever popular Leach Me.
sourced from HERE >

Product Type: Serum/Booster

Claims (on packaging): Unfortunately!! I've lost the box packaging :( So I don't have the details which were written on the box :(

After using Drench Me (cleanser) or on a cleansed face, apply and smooth Submerge Me all over face, before applying moisturizer. Use twice daily.

Price: US$49.00

Capacity: 1.5 FL Oz/45ml


Like Drench Me, you can reuse this bottle after it's finished. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PACKAGING!! :D I'm such a suckup for packagings, but I really think that a professional company should be able to have their packaging carefully designed to reflect off some sort of reliabity.

A small dispensing hole, so neat!

Also has a small cap which makes it extra or perhaps, very handy for travelling.

The expiration date is located on the bottom side of the bottle and the bottle is not as transparent as Drench Me for you to actually see how much product you have used. Sucks?

There's nothing unpleasant about the scent, in my opinion. Doesn't smell like chemicals or anything.

When applied to face, it's not sticky or greasy. It's a lotion form like any other moisturizer.

As mentioned, I use this WITH Drench Me, a cleansing gel, therefore both products combined give me the result stated below, not only this individual product.

Submerge Me is a moisturizing booster. At first, I didn't know that this was a serum-kinda-product. I thought it was a moisturizer, therefore I used it in my skincare routine, thinking that it was moisturizer. So for the first fewer days, I used this in my make-up routine as a moisturizer instead. I was actually supposed to use this product before moisturizing and after cleansing. So... yup.

I don't find that it held my makeup or primed it in any sense. Nor did it ruin my foundation coverage or lasting time. It never claimed to do so anyways.

After weeks of using this, my skin has got much better! From VERY flaky to little flaky now, ONCE AGAIN, taking into consideration that I don't exfoliate as often. I would say once every fortnight or before any special occasions.

When applied to face, in less than 1 minute, I would say 30seconds, the product would quickly be absorbed into my skin. I really don't like products that take its time to absorb into my skin. Just because when I rush out.. I don't have enough time to complete my foundation routine :(

But good thing is this does absorb quickly and also hydrates my skin. My skin is no longer very very flaky anymore. And also, after using this product for quite a while, my skin is more glowy now... does that make sense? It just looks little more healthy now, and more glowy, as if I highlighted my cheekbones :3 It's great!!

Before & After

OVERALL FOR BOTH PRODUCTS: I DO recommend both products! However, considering their price.. they are way too pricey. So if you are urging to look for a product to help your dry flaky skin (like mine) and money isn't a downfall, do check out their range. However, I am still a jobless student, so... And I really think there are fewer products comparable to Drench Me, however, not so much for Submerge Me. So if you've came to an end, do check out Submerge Me as a moisturizing booster.

These products were sent to me for reviews! And these are my most honest opinions of the two products. I have considered everything I could possibly think of, if you have anymore questions. Please do leave me a message in the comment box.


They are offering the my first 50 readers samples of their products!
All you need to do is visit their facebook page (here) and comment on MY post, leave your email address and YOUR blog's URL. Please comment me if you need help!!

09 December 2010

NOTD: Zebra :3

Good afternoon babies!
The clock just stroke 2PM in Australia and I hope you Australians been having a good day! and Americans been having a good night! And Asian's having a good morning! :)

Hehehehe decided to paint my nails again last night.. I had yellow nails before and they were starting to chip and since I was watching The Invasion (starring Nicole Kidman), I had nothing to do... so zebra nails they are!

I thought they were really hard to do... I was so afraid to stroke down my black nail art pen :3 But I guess it turned out alright :) Besides my impatience of the gloss which kinda smudged the zebra patterns :(

I must say that.. having all 10 nails painted with zebra patterns is quite weird LOL :3 I might use grey next time for the patterns instead, to tone it down a little bit :3 Just so it's not too dark! :3

Anyways, please have a lovely day!
Remember to drink lots of water & eat healthy!

I miss you guys SO much LOL :3

Yours deerest,

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