08 April 2012

NP Set Red Carpet Set Palette Photos, Review & Swatches

Never told ya this, but I'm actually biased booger about NP Set's products.. Never stopped by their stands to see what's up, just because their Double Pen duo (which was my very first NP Set product) didn't work out for me, but hey! You know you do that too!

Avoiding a brand just because one their products didn't work for you is in every student-on-a-budget's genes.

Anyway, today's review features the Red Carpet Set which was sent to me two (maybe three?) months back by a PR, so if you'd like to know how it performs.. read on!

The palette contains four eyeshadows, two blushers and four lip glosses with a click-on lid.

The Eyeshadows
We all know that I don't use eyeshadows (bad blogger!), but I have been playing around with them, so I can surely tell you a bit about them except for how long it lasts, the matter of how much or if it creases and blendability. Err.. so pretty much nothing? LOL I kidz.

Champagne, Gold, Blue, Violet (as described by NP Set) with primer

Champagne is a pale yellow-toned beige with a frosty finish. Great for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners. This shade is decently pigmented with a smooth and buttery texture.

Gold is medium warm-toned gold with a frosty finish. The most pigmented of the four with a smooth and buttery texture. Lovely shade!

Blue is a cool-toned darker sky blue with a satin finish and is the sheerest of the bunch.

Violet, in palette looks like any regular dark-violet, but swatches to a gorgeous and super confusing violet. Seems to have a pink-toned violet base with a satin sheen of blue-toned purple. Confused yet? Anyways, what you see in the swatch is what you get. Has a satin finish and is the second-least pigmented out of the four. Gorgeous shade though!

Applied on eyes without primer

The pigmentation of these eyeshads' are nothing extraordinary, although the shades are gorgeous, especially Gold and Violet. Eyeshadow primers are a must as half of these are a tad sheer. With the pigmentation of these on their own, the most you can do is a neutral, natural or soft smokey eye make-up.

The Blushers
When I saw these blushers, I was like "Oh my God, I'm so in love! I found you finally, you make me wanna say..." K. That's enough. Not sure about you, but these blushers are nothing like the ones in my collection (not that I own a very big collection anyways).

Watermelon and Coral (as described by NP Set)

Watermelon is a bright cool-toned pink with hints of coral tones.

Coral is a bright peachy coral which reminds me a lot of my Sportsgirl's Pout About It Lipstick in Fruity Tingle. The swatch photo is actually misleading, because the shade is brighter and less orange, but unfortunately, that's the best my camera can do.

Both blushers are my favourites of the palette. They are both matte and super pigmented! Blends well and lasts all day. If you ever pass this palette at the stores, these blushers look almost neon, but applies extremely natural.

The Lip Glosses
The palette comes with four different 'lip glosses' which have different pigmentations and finishes.

Silver is just a clear base packed with reflective silver glitters. Pretty scary on the lips, I must admit since the glitters are very noticeable.

Magenta is a bright pink-toned purple. It is the most pigmented out of the four and applies well with a glossy finish.

Tomato Red is a wearable, warm-toned orangey-red which is just a tad sheerer than Magenta, but should be flattering on all skin tones.

Mauve, in the palette, looks like a deep warm-brown, but applies on the lips clear with fine, reflective green and blue shimmers.

Tomato Red and Magenta

I'm not a fan of lip colours in a palette, but all shades have a great and easy-to-work-with balmy texture. Obviously, Magenta and Tomato Red are the most wearable out of the four since Silver and Mauve are just clear bases with different coloured glitters. No idea why such shades were included.

One last note, I notice that the palette has a great mix of different tones and shades, which may be a great diverse, but in my opinion, it can possibly look horrendous if not properly applied and shade matched. I mean... neutral eyes, coral blush and bright magenta lips? Err... you know what I mean.


This palette contains four eyeshadows, two blushers and four lipglosses which is described by NP Set to be perfect for creating a day or night look. The four eyeshadows consists of two frosty neutrals which are decently pigmented and two cooler shades of a satin finish. Eyeshadow primers are highly recommended for these, especially for the cooler shades as they are quite sheer. The two blushers are just breath-taking -- bright neon shades which will brighten up any tone's complexion without over-doing it. As for the lipglosses, they are nothing extraordinary, although they have a great balmy texture and lasts for quite a while. Oddly, it includes two glittery lip glosses which can be quite intimidating for most users.

Have you tried anything by NP Set?
I've heard their lipsticks are of great value!

NP Set Red Carpet Set retails for $29 at Napoleon Perdis Concept Stores, Target, Big W and selected independent stockists.

Disclaimer: Product was provided by PR for consideration. All opinions and comments expressed are 100% truthful and honest. Please refer to this site's disclosure policy.


  1. Im not very impressed by NP Set makeup, but its makeup brushes are actually quite nice :D!

    1. Ah!! I've heard of their brushes from another blogger! Must try one day! :P

  2. The Watermelon blush looks really pretty. :)

  3. I agree with the above blogger ^, the brushes are really nice!

    Thanks for the swatches and pictures! xx

    1. Aww!! You're so sweet :D Thanks so much for reading! x

  4. I tested this palette in Big W, the pigmentation and texture of the blushes was really impressive :) The eyeshadow colours I wouldn't really use though. The lip glosses look lovely on you.

  5. this post was soooo good, your swatches and photos are pretty
    and yeah wtf at those lip colours.....LOL

    1. LOL exactly what I thought in ma head when I saw the glosses. Yikes! >_<

  6. I love matte blushes :) I think they are my favorite in this palette as well!


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