07 June 2014

[INDIE] Smudged Polish Nail Lacquer in Morbid

Indie polishes has always been one of those "must-try" products for me. Their gorgeousness and uniqueness is just a fresh breath away from in-store brands like Maybelline, Revlon and such. However, in saying so, I also really dislike online shopping, therefore have never bought from any indie brands.

Smudged Polish has always been a brand on my hit list, but I actually quickly scratched that thought after my sister purchased 2 lacquers [from Smudged] here.... To be truthful, we weren't impressed. Not one bit, hence I've never featured those lacquers she bought.

Overall, they just didn't apply as nicely and thickened up very quickly. Glitters were stuck at the base and were hard to reach, even after a good shake.

Not so long after though, my sister won a few new polishes from their Instagram giveaway! I was reluctant to give them another go, but after seeing how gorgeous it looked on my sister's nails... I just knew I had to!

The lacquer that caught my attention was...

Yes! This baby is called Morbid. Unlike Pastel Galaxy and Fuchsia Field that my sister purchased, this lacquer applies much, much smoother. The brush is roughly the same size as last time though, so they must've changed the formula.

Loool. Sorry, I know the polish around the top must look gross and thick, but the polish itself really isn't. The consistency is thin, but by no means is it sheer. The first coat applies looking a bit blotchy, uneven and sheer, but like most polishes, three coats will do the trick.

I do feel like I need to take an extra step for this polish to be at its best though and that is... finishing off with a hi-shine top coat. Something I've always skipped for my manicures,

Basically, the glossier, the better. I feel like it adds a lot to the jelly-like effect, and evens out the whole manicure.

One important aspect that I must mention about this lacquer are the square glitters it contains. Take a look at how packed it is in the bottle...

It's a shame that I couldn't get much of them on the brush. They just hugged the interior walls of the bottle, even after a vigorous shake. Sucha bummer really, because in the end, the lacquer simply looks like a black freckled polish. All I'm in for here, is actually the beautiful red base colour.

So yeah. Overall, I'm happy that their new formula is much easier to work with now. Not extremely impressive, but I'm really in love with the red base colour. It's just purrrfect.

I wished the squares were possible to reach though... I'd like to see how the whole manicure will look with the square pieces it's suppose to have!

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Smudged Polish in Morbid, $7.00, available for purchase from their Etsy store.


  1. It's a very interesting formula, I love the color but am not a fan of the speckles!

  2. your nails are perfect!!


  3. I love it!! So different!!
    I wouldn't mind giving it a go!
    It almost looks like blood.
    xo Holly xo


  4. Hmmmm....interesting. I find it pretty and it has good qualities too. I wanna try it out.


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