05 June 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- June 2014

Another month, another drugstore launch post! Can you believe we're in June already? Time flying by way too fast!

Just been bumming around after exams. All day listening to my favourite radio station, KIIS Radio whilst getting updated with what's new in the beauty blogosphere -- all the new products, and the drama (this post makes me LOL). Sure feels good to have some free time to yourself, but I've also been snacking on A LOT of chocolate, so I've gained some weight too! Eeeeep.

Sipping on a hot chocolate as I'm putting this post together...


Australis SmokifEYE Eyeliners ($7.95/4 shades)
Australis' NEW eyeshadow liners, which are described to feature a soft formula that is smudgeable and easy to blend. I think these may lean towards being an eyeshadow product, rather than being a pure eyeliner product. At least that's what I feel anyways.. We'll have to see how these perform when testers are available!

Australis Full On Foundation ($12.95/6 shades)
Another newbie by Australis! A cream foundation, with a buildable heavy coverage. Yea, in a stick form, to add to it. The product is described to "hydrate and moisturise" whilst providing strong coverage and maintaining your natural complexion. Absorbs excess oil, and has SPF30+. 

Lanolips Banana Balm ($15.95)
This is more of a beauty product, but it's exclusively available to Priceline as a "special preview" before  going on counters next month! I've never tried Lanolips despite hearing such good stuff about it. This product is a creamy 3-in-1 lip balm. Ultra moisturising and protects with a soft sheen.

Nivea Lip Care Additions ($3.98)
Nivea strikes back with two new additions to their lip care range! In two delicious flavours, there's... 

  • Peach (Fruity Shine range)
  • Olive & Lemon (Pure & Natural range)
In addition, their entire Lip Care range has been revamped with an added "super-moisturising" Hyrda IQ formula. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks  ($13.95/13 shades)
Not exactly new, but revamped! Yeap. The entire collection. New n' improved lippies with a brilliant burst of rich, pure colour infused with creamy moisture. 

Rimmel BB Cream Mate ($12.95/3 shades)
An new addition to their existing BB cream range, this is the Matte version, I suppose. Similar to their original version, this is suppose to offer coverage to minimise the appearance of blemishes, control shine, but contains less SPF than the original -- SPF15 only. Also supposed to rebalance oily skin with some fancy ingredients!

Savvy by DB
Savvy released two new ranges recently, which has made somewhat a big hit in the blogosphere, I believe. They are the High Shine Lip Lacquer and Ultra Matte Lip Colour. 

I've swatched both products in store, and I'm very temped by the Ultra Matte Lip Colours! I haven't shared with you my favourite products lately, but I've been loving matte liquid lip products, so I've always been on the lookout. Glad they've released these! I've always seen them featured on blogs, so give them a good research perhaps?

The High Shine Lip Lacquers are totally not my thang. They seem a bit too wet, and too glossy for my liking. All are up to you though! ;)

P.S. Don't have photos for these, but feel free to check them out on Amy's and Angie's blog.

Innoxa Lush Lashes Mascara ($19.95/2 shades)
After last month's packed post of mascaras... I'm getting a bit tired of writing up blibs for mascaras.. Haha. Innoxa's new Lush Lashes Mascara is described to be formulated to create "volume, length, curl and definition whilst conditioning the lashes". Also features a curvy brush to help ensure lashes are coated evenly. 

Face Of Australia Dark Side Nail Collection ($4.95/8 shades)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! A NEW nail collection?! Yes please! Can you guess what this collection is inspired by?
YES! The new collection is inspired by the most evil villains of all time. 

Sorry for the slack image. Snipped it from their advertisement. Hahaha................................. -_-"

essie Snakeskin Collection ($16.95/6 shades)
Never featured essie in my launch posts, but considering that they are now made to be available at Priceline... I can't find any reasons to exclude them! Their newest [limited edition] nail collection features "warm, autumnal tones with a snakeskin finish". Yes. It's a magnetic-nail based collection. 

For anyone who hasn't seen nor heard of magnetic nail polishes. Basically, you paint them on like regular nail lacquers, and then hover the magnet plate (usually at the top of the cap) over the manicure for a pattern transform. 

Revlon Highlighting Palette ($26.95/4 shades)
Available in four palettes, these highlighting palettes features a combination of shimmer shades in one convenient palette. The brick highlighter helps to achieve a multi-dimensional look and enhance and illuminate the skin. Described to be "easy to blend with a lightweight feel".

...And that's all for this month's launches!

Let me know which products you will be chasing after!

Ah, I'd love to chase after those Savvy by DB Ultra Matte Lip Colours, but... Ummmm. Yeah. I think I'd have to, haha! I'll look for neutral shades that I know I'd wear, although I don't remember if they had any. Will have to check em' out! 

OH! And... Face Of Australia's Dark Side nail collection! *~*


  1. Ohhhh so many awesome things. The FOA polish collection is going to kill me, it looks amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh, that nail collection! NEED to get my hands on some of them, if only for the shade names!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I will be all over that FOA collection. Voldemort and Ursula will be mine! Mostly because I love Harry Potter and Ariel, but they look lovely too!

  4. ohh FOA has been bringing out some excellent polish collections lately. This one looks gorgeous!

  5. So excited for the FOA polishes and Revlon's highlighter! Although the Revlon one is a bit overpriced...

    Nail Masque

  6. Savvy has been releasing great products lately! They've also released liquid eyeliners which look fantastic. I swatched this gold shade and I fell in love!!

    Wendy Letsrunawayx

  7. I really want to try the moisture revew lipsticks by Rimmel. Does it come in a bright red? I could only find a dark red and an orangey red in their collection

  8. I bought the lush lashes mascara from Innoxa yesterday. Used it today, it could be better at seperating/ defining lashes but I love the formula and the curved brush!


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