22 September 2012

Lust-have: Mirror Nails

See? I told you I've been a nail lover... yeap. Slowly transforming this blog into a nail blog guys! I kidz.

This week's addition to my lust-have is probably a big wow-ing! Or maybe not, maybe I'm just behind on this, but I REALLY want to give 'mirror nails' a go!

I mean.. wouldn't you?!

Look at these stunning photosssss... It makes me want em so bad!

Photo credits: Goose Glitter

Product image: Rebel Nails UK

Photo credits: MakeUpTalk

OK. Question is.. where and how to get such perfect mirror nails! There's a few ways that I've came across as I was browsing and researching up the same question.. Here we go..

1. Get Minx'ed like Jacie did! Kinda exxy ($60, Jacie mentioned), but you're getting it done by the pro's! ;)

2. Purchase some nail foils and wraps for a DIY Mirror manicure! I've been looking up and down, right and left for these silver foils and the closest I've seen (in Australia) is by 1000 Hour. It's their Gold and Silver Nail Foils. RRP $15.95 each.

3. Mirror nail polishes! I know that Maybelline has one (which is certainly not available in Australia) which you might have to purchase over eBay. China Glaze and Stargazer also has one of their own! BYS (Australian brand) also one, but I've seen swatches and they just look very... er. metallic.

I wouldn't mind me some kickass mirror nail foils/wraps! What do you think?
Did you just add these mirror nails to your wishlist too?

What do you think of mirror nails? Yay or nay?!

Thanks for reading! ^_^ Wishing everyone a safe and sound Sunday!


  1. They look epic!! Also applying my lipgloss would be much easier with mirrored nails... ;)

    1. Oh gee! You are one creative peanut! Hahahah! What a great idea!

  2. Ahh! Thanks for doing the research for me haha. I've been wanting to get mirror nails since last year but I keep forgetting to look around. I didn't know 1000 Hour has them, but I'll check again next time.

  3. I really like then, but I would be petrified of the tiniest dint ruining them!

  4. Wow I loooove the effect, never saw something like this before! :D I wish I was allowed to have nails at work :<


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