25 September 2012

Week in Photos: Priceline Pout Day, Beauty Editor's Workshop, Sister's Formal, Moon Festival, DIY


I haven't updated about myself in yonks! Mainly because my life [everyday] is just so exciting (not at all) that  I don't have anything to really blog about... LOL. But!

This past week has been super exciting and fun for me so I just really want to share with you! Here's photos and short captions to show you!

Wednesday 19th September -- I was kindly invited to Nutrimetics Colour Wardrobe event! I only get invited to beauty events [probably] 4 times a year so I was super excited for this! Even skipped TAFE for it..

The event was fun and helpful where we learnt about our undertones and discussed which colours suited our complexion more -- in terms of fashion and make-up!

Later in the day, got back in the area from Sydney CBD and had me some Meet Fresh (dessert) at Cabramatta! First time trying it and it was alright! Had a great catch-up session with Alice form Arsyparsy!

Thursday 20th September -- Skipped TAFE again for Priceline's Pout Day at Martin Pl (Sydney) for 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty. I wasn't able to attend any events earlier so I HAD to skip TAFE for this!

Went with Tezza @ Myteeefine.com Had a mini make-up tutorial session (10 minutes) whilst participating in the Guinness World Record attempt and we made it baby! World's largest make-up class of 261 participants! Yeap. You heard me!

Also met Amy @ Beauty In A Bottle!

Also walked the pink carpet at the event. Yeap! Hittin' the red carpets in no time guys!! ^_^

After the event, I quickly left to get back in time to do my sister's and her friend's make-up for formal! Have a look at her awesome hair do for prom/formal!

Braids and flowers! Pretty amazing for $55 (at Elegant Beauty in Cabramatta)

I did make-up for the girl on the left and my sister (on the left!). What do you think guys? ^_^

Friday 21st September -- Priceline's Beauty Editior's Workshop!

Attended this event with Tezza too! It was located at Martin Pl, in a bright pink portable building! Really impossible to miss!

Got our hair done! Pretty curls!!!

Sunday 23rd September -- Moon Festival (Tet Trung Thu) at Cabramatta! I actually only went for the yummy spicy fishballs! The same stall also had deep fried squids and holy cow, they were nice!

Monday 24th September -- DIY!

YEAP GUYS! I've been SO desperate for a new nail storage/organiser. I hate seeing my nail polishes stored in boxes. I FINALLY found all the correct materials to put this DIY nail polish rack and shelf together!

A quick google will get you to many DIY videos and posts. I will update soon for any readers who are around my area (Liverpool, Sydney), on where to purchase the materials! :')

Hehehehe! That's all! I'll be back with beauty posts soon guys --- Hope everyone has been well! Let me know what's been happening for you also!

Tram --


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