03 May 2014

Saturday's Swatches: Ulta3 Lip Paints

It's no biggie that I've been out of the beauty blogosphere lately. Therefore, not very updated with new products.

One of the most interesting launches that I've missed are these Lip Paints by Ulta3! I had no idea they had these (for a few months now, may I add) until I stumbled across a post about them as I scrolled down my blogging feed last Monday.

I squeaaaaaaaaaaled. I never thought they'd release a range like this, so it was very unexpected for me. Especially when they are known for their nail lacquers, rather than make-up range. 

These looked promising though. From the swatches I saw, they looked great in terms of pigmentation. Knowing that they are only $5.95 a pop, I thought, "why not?!". 

So here's what it looks like...

The range consists of 6 brighter shades, but I only picked two out of the six. The other shades looked great too, but just not for my sister and I :P Therefore, we settled with these two...

Expressive Fuchsia, Radical Red

However, since I was there, I thought I'd swatch the other shades too and share them here :P Don't judge me!!!

Expressive Fuchsia, Manic Mauve, Extreme Pink, Loud Purple, Radical Red, Electric Orange

At first swatch, they remind me much of Rimmel's Apocalips Lip Lacquers, but just not as thick. I hope these Ulta3 ones will settle down a bit though, and not glide around the lips too much like the Apocalips. 

Also, I'd love to own a light pink shade, but Extreme Pink in this range is just too cool-toned. It'll look very iffy on my skin, which was the reason why I skipped it. I also really like the look of Electric Orange, but I know I won't ever wear it anywhere! 

Loud Purple, is... very loud. Purples are nice, but this one looked very.... indescribably bold. On the packaging, Manic Mauve looked like a very pretty berry colour, but when swatched, I felt like it looked too brown and dull.... Eeek. 

Therefore, I ended up only picking 2 out of the 6!

If you are keen on these, head to Ulta3's Facebook Page, click their Store Locator and you'll be able to filter through stockists which has these lip paints. Just remember to let me know...

Which shades are you guys keen on?
Are you a fan of lip paints at all?

Ulta3 Lip Paints, $5.95, 6 shades, check their Facebook page for stockists.


  1. I really like the hot pink fuchsia and the orange! Not really a huge fan though because of how some of them dry out but the colors are brilliant!

  2. These look fantastic! I'll look out for them next week. I know what you mean about the orange. I love it on others... but not myself.

  3. Nice swatches! I was lucky enough to get the whole lot, but I agree that the purple is CRAZY bright haha! But I love it ;)


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