21 June 2013

Illamasqua PARANORMAL Nail Polish in 'Ouija'

Illamasqua's PARANORMAL Collection has been out for a while now, so I'm very behind with this post! Don't fret though! The collection and its products are still available instore and online at their website ~

The collection features some pretty whack products! If you haven't already heard or seen, I'll give ya a run down of what I thought was interesting from their range...

  • Paranormal Palette -- This fun, colourful and bright eyeshadow palette does not feature your average powder eyeshadows.. But they're not exactly creams either. They have this unique feel to them when you touch them! It's soft and "bouncy" -- I know.. very hard to imagine, but it just is!
  • Lipsticks -- I was told that one of the two shades featured in the collection were.. inspired by dead people. Interesting idea? Ye........no. Ok. Kind of. 
  • Hydra Veil Moisturising Primer Base -- This was probably the most interesting from the range! It has a "jelly" texture and consistency. When swirled, it looks like broken jelly.. but after a short period of time, it merges back into its old form like nothing has ever happened before..

Last, but not least.. There's also their UV nail polishes ($22.50) which are available in 4 shades. The one that I was provided with (to trial) is called 'Ouija' and here it is -

'Ouija' is a medium rose pink, fused with very fine shimmers. Yes, I like to describe all my pink nail polishes as "rosey" pinks. So wot? :P

To be honest, the colour didn't really "wow" me, but there's something about the finish of this particular polish that makes it interesting. It's not exactly matte, nor is it glossy, but then semi-matte isn't quite correct. It's much like a satin finish -- a tad glossy, but a tad semi-matte.

Yeap. That is the perfect description, methinks. Almost as perfect as this:

LOL. I found this meme online yesterday -- pretty perfect, don't you think?!

As for the consistency, it's much thinner than the previous Illamasqua nail polishes that I've tried. However, don't let that fool you, because it actually doesn't apply to be sheer at all. 

Two coats gives quite an opaque finish, so you don't have to worry about the hassle of layering or waiting for it to dry. It dries pretty quick and wears quite well! I can wear this for up to 5 days before having to repaint! However, I did find that the satin finish wore off into a glossy finish after a day of wear or so... which is usually the case with lacquers of mattes, semi-mattes, etc.

Overall, it's a nice polish to have. I love the satin finish it has, but I feel like the colour is just another average pink. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the "UV" version in action. I'd love to show you guys what it looks like under UV lightings too, but I am a noob and I have no idea how to do that :(

Have you tried ANY products from Illamasqua's PARANORMAL range?
How do you like the idea of "lipstick shades inspired by dead people"?

Although I'm not overly excited about these UV nail polishes as I was previously for their Speckled and Rubber Brights, I still DO look forward to see what they'll be releasing in their next collection! Glitters please!

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review consideration only. All opinions, comments featured within this post belongs to myself and remains to be uninfluenced and unbiased. 


  1. What a pretty colour! And lol that meme is funny.

  2. That eyeshadow palette is crazy! Those colours are so out there! But the polish is pretty! But I agree, I think it's just an average pink too, eh.



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