13 July 2013

Saturday's Swatches: Australis Rockstar Lipsticks

GOD. I've been very lazy lately! @_@

I used to felt joy as I pranced around Priceline's cosmetics section, but I've been so much of a home-body that I actually refuse to leave the house, even just to the post office to grab a form! :( Yeap. That's me for ya, and that's also the reason why I've missed SO many new launches in my latest launch post!

However, yesterday, as I was browsing around Priceline to see what's new... I've spotted Australis' spankin' new Rockstar Collection! If I could remember correctly, Australis has never "labelled" their limited edition releases.. But now that they do, I do think it adds a nice touch to the brand! Would you agree?

No press images online, so this will have to do! :(

The collection features 4 new lipstick shades and 4 new nail polish shades -- all which are pretty damn in yo face! I'm not even kidding you... The shades are holy golly bright... They're NEON! @_@ Don't believe me? I have evidence!

Electro, Teen Pop, Gangsta, Grunge

From arm swatches, here's a shade-y rundown for ya:
  • Electro -- BAM! Straight up electro orange. No red tones, no pink tones. Just straight up orange!
  • Teen Pop -- Extremely BRIGHT cool-toned bubblegum pink.
  • Gangsta -- A purpley-pink orchid colour. 
  • Grunge -- A dark, vampy bruised red lipstick for all my dark lip lovers! Reminds me of my NYX Round Lipstick in 'Bruised'!

Of course, I'd love to swatch the nail polishes for you also, but I'm not keen on picking up any of the shades... I am a broke puppy. It's okay though! I've managed to persuade my sister into buying a shade of Rimmel's Apocalips when we were at Priceline.... Plan A worked out... Now to persuade her to pick up a few of Maybelline's new Whispers lippies.. LOL. I kid!

What are your thoughts on Australis' Rockstar Collection?
Are you a keen bean, or na?

For me, I might just have to pass on Australis' Rockstar Collection for now... Too bright and bold for my liking really! 


  1. I saw at Priceline the other day and they didn't have a tester of Grunge which annoyed me because I really wanted to see what kind of vampy/purple it was. Thanks for the swatches! I am tempted by Teen Pop but probably already have about 6 lipsticks that are similar to it :p

  2. Ahh I wanted to swatch the lippies but could not find any testers except for the ones embedded in the guitar which I couldnt get out! :(
    I love the look of Electro and Grunge!!

  3. I saw these in Priceline a couple of days ago! They look like popular, trendy shades but I prefer more wearable pinks and peaches. :)

  4. I sure hope they release these in NZ because I am totally eyeing up that Gangsta lipstick.

  5. I absolutely love Electro, I've been eyeing a similar colour from Maybelline's Colour Sensations. I think Grunge is a pretty bold and I'm feeling drawn to it but I'll have to see what it looks like in stores! Thanks for swatching :D

  6. OH WOW! These are amazinggggggggggggggggggg shades, so pigmented xxx

    Gemma ♥ | MissMakeupMagpie

  7. Wow, that cool tone hot pink nail polish is too lovely to pass up!

  8. Wow! They really pop! I'm not a neon fan so I'll give this a miss.

  9. A miss for me, although I'd be tempted to buy that grunge coloured lippy ;)

    x Gi

  10. wow, it looks really nice color!

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