03 July 2013

NEW Beauty Box: Violet Box -- June 2013

It's been yooooooonks since I've posted about any subscription boxes! For me, subscription boxes can be a little repetitive and most of the stuff that comes with it, I don't even use. However, I'm always a happy chap when I hear that a new beauty sub box is in the market!

Violet Box has just launched their very first box not too long ago, and they kindly sent me one too! Waking up to surprise packages are ze best, but how does the box compare?

Packaged in a beautiful (I mean it!) black and purple box, the box contains "4-6 premium beauty and lifestyle products every month".

The box contains a few slips: the products' listings and prices, their introductory slip of Violet Box and 2 other slips promoting products from some of the included brands.

A close look at the products that I've received..

Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser 50mL (sample) -- RRP $23.95/200mL
I had a few of these and I don't mind more. I felt like Violet Box would've scouted and known that other boxes gave out ALOT of these already though!

CK One Color Cosmetics, Gloss Eyecolor (full size) -- RRP $25.00
Yaaaaaaaay for make-up! Too bad, it's not a product that I'd use. Maybe if the colour wasn't a bright, poppy green.. Something along the lines of bronze or gold would be perfect :( 

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT (sample) -- RRP $120/100mL
Received this in 1.2mL, which is okay. It has a really nice, clean and fresh scent!

John Plunkett Glyco Peel (full size) -- RRP $28.95/15mL
I've heard of these products before! Correct me if I am wrong, but they are apparently not your average exfoliater. There's a spice to it that makes it somewhat stronger than normal exfoliaters, therefore, they can only be used at night time. I don't mind this, to be honest!

LashControl Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix (full size) -- RRP $25.00
I surely don't mind an extra clear mascara/brow gel to my beauty stash. My Australis' one is lookin' grosser and grosser as the days go! The packaging has a rubbery bit in the middle, which allows you to squeeze and control how much product you'd like on the wand.

Argonia Hair Oil Travel Cuties (sample size) -- RRP $34.99/100mL
Received this in 5mL.. I already have soooooo many hair oils at home. I'm not sure when I'm gonna get to this.. Meep. My hair is also really thick and it's such a tiny bottle.... but we'll just have to wait and see!

I can't say I'm overly impressed with Violet Box this month, but that's just my personal beauty preferences. I don't use eyeglosses and I wouldn't do green on the eyes. I also don't use hair oils... 

So all in all, I don't mind these products, but truthfully, none of them excites me. The value of the products may surpass the price you pay for the box, but... I'll see how they go in the next month!

Did you subscribe to Violet Box?
What are your thoughts?

Violet Box's monthly subscription costs $22..95 a month, but you can also find their other monthly packages at their official website.

Disclaimer: Product was provided to me for review consideration only!


  1. ah.. I think that's a tad bit too pricy for a monthly sub..!

  2. John Plunkett Glycopeel is actually one of my fave products. Seriously good at making your skin glow, not to mention the softness factor. Keep at this, and you will love it too :)

    Luc X



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