08 July 2013

Latest Nail Fave: COVERGIRL Wine To Five

Don't mind me.. I've been obsessed with dark reds on the nails lately. Yeah.. I'm finally on trend with the seasons for once! :P For a looong time now, I've always strayed away from any dark nail colours, simply because they're just not my thang.

However, all that quickly changed after I spotted COVERGIRL's Wine To Five at my local Target! Let me tell ya.. when I whipped it on, the next thing I did was rammage through my stash, hoping to find any comparable shades.

Sadly, I couldn't find any lacquer from my stash that compares to this shade. I've found a bunch of dark reds though.. Eeep. Maybe I'll do a stash swatch post soon for them red nail lacquers!

The thing that makes Wine To Five so different from the rest is that the colour a darker deep red, but also borders purple in a way that's.... very complicated to explain. My head hurts just thinking of ways to explain this colour :( In a way, it's like the colour of a red/purple onion, I guess! Or to described it more accurately (and awkwardly), it's like the reddish colour of a purple brush! :|

Topped with Australis' Eureka Glitter Top coat

The formula applies effortlessly, which is what I do expect from such a dark colour anyways. It also lasted for a fair while before chipping, so that's a big yaaaay!!

So perfect for Autumn/Fall! ^_^!!

Quite happy that I've found a dark nail colour that I really really like! Can't wait to play around with it a bit more when I have free-time on my nails (as I'm constantly trialling)!

What is YOUR go-to nail lacquer for the cooler seasons?
Are you a season-trendy? 

Off to watch World War Z now... Toodles ma poodles!


  1. I love these kind of shades at the moment. I haven't tried this formula yet but I'll be looking out for this shade for sure!


  2. Oh my! What a gorgeous manicure! I love the reverse ombre glitter effect. Very lovely. :)

  3. These nails look really pretty! I love the effect of the gold glitter at the bottom of the nails as opposed to the tips, makes a nice change :) xx

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