06 July 2013

Saturday's Swatches: Australis Pretty Pastels Palette

Saturday's Swatches have been off for a few weeks now.. Unfortunately, I've ran out of palettes and eyeshadows to swatch! I'll have to dig through my stash again, but meanwhile, please give a round of applause for our guest today -- Australis' Pretty Pastels Palette!

I've won this from Sandy's YouTube/Blog giveaway some time ago (thanks Sandy! ^_^!), but I believe you can still find the palette at Priceline for $9.95 (currently on sale for $7.96 at Priceline).

As expected, the lighweight palette is packaged in Australis' killer colours -- black and hot pink! I like that the palette itself is pretty thin and isn't too big, but still feels quite sturdy. The palette itself comes with 3 eyeshadow shades, a blusher shade, a bronzer shade, a fixed shade of pressed powder and a VERY clear and big "HD-quality" mirror.

As you can tell, all three shades are wearable neutral shades! I've decided to compare some of these shades to a selective fewer from Urban Decay's NAKED Palette:

  • #1 -- This one swatches to be a bit chalky, but makes SUCH a pretty sheen over the lids. It reminds me of Urban Decay's Virgin the most, but this one by Australis has a shimmery finish rather than that pearly finish in comparison to Virgin.
  • #2 -- This shade is like.. a grey-toned taupe colour. It swatches to be sheer on my arm, and also applies to be almost the same... I can't find a similar shade from UD's Naked for this particular shade.
  • #3 -- Reminds me of Dark Horse, except that this Australis' shade is more neutral toned than Dark Horse. This particular shade is very pigmented, and also has alot of fall outs so please be careful!

Ok! Onto the blusher, bronzer and face powder...
  • Blusher: Such a pretty dusty pink colour! It swatched to be a tad sheer, but actually applies to be quite pigmented! It also has a matte finish. I actually don't have anything similar to this colour in my stash, so this is a nice addition! 
  • Bronzer: This bronzer shade has a shimmery finish, but when applied, it passes off as almost a luminous finish. It's much more ideal to use this to 'bronze' rather than to 'contour', not only because of the finish, but the colour is also a bit off. I can use this [and get away with it] at a lighter hand, but with a heavy hand, it tends to look a tad orange and pink-toned.. X_X
  • Face Powder: I think this MAY be the same face powder from their Fresh and Flawless compacts... which I really like! It's smooth to apply, and also gives a flawless heavy-duty look! 

Overall, I like the soft-toned palette! It's a handy palette for those who prefer minimal make-up looks, or for those who are starting out with make-up even! It'd be better if they had these palettes available with different shades of pressed powders though.. Or perhaps replace the pressed powder with another universal face/eye product. A powder highlighter would be PERFECT for me!

That's all for today's Saturday's Swatches post! I'm trying to get back into a consistent blogging schedule, so sorry for the random updates! ^_^

On a brighter note, it's not rainy today, so I will be able to go to Sunday markets tomorrow! I haven't been there in 3 weeks or so! Eeep!

Catch you guys in 2 days~


  1. All the shades in theis palette are so beautiful! Really tempted to go out and buy one now - not that I need another neutral palette.

  2. I have this palette! Unfortunately I don't find myself reaching for it very often.. :( I think the eyeshadows are too cool toned for me. Have you tried the neutrals nd neons one?


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