09 February 2011

How to: Bun your hair using no accessories!

As promised, I'm gonna show all you ladies with medium-long hair how to bun up your hair in this sweaty Sydney weather (not anymore) using nothing!

I know some of us are probably unforgettable to bring hair ties or clips. Or sometimes [what I hate most], the times when the weather suddenly changes from cold to hot and you have NOTHING with you at all to keep your hair out of the way!

So here's a how-to video for you. I know I'm bad at directing but please do bear with me!

You don't need any pens or clips or whatever to bun your hair up like this, so it's really convenient!

I like to do this bun on the side and up high, more cute! :) And sometimes I clip up my fringe when I have a bad hair day. So this is one of my hair-dos to run to for a bad hair day.

To accessorize this, I put on my hair tie around the bun and I have fewer different hairties! So I'd like to change. I'm looking for more hairties though! I'd love to collect them!

Below is a picture of me using a chopstick. I know some of you may be unfamiliar to this, but us Asians [or maybe just my family] DO use chopsticks. They're not literally those eating chopsticks! I'm unsure where this have originated from. I'm sure it's Asia but I don't know if anyone uses it or how popular it is. But there ARE chopsticks which are produced for hair buns!


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There are also other accessories such as the Chinese hair pins. I'm sure if you watch the Chinese dramas, you'd know what I'm talking about.

Credits here >

Once again, I hope I helped you!
Have a good night!!


  1. Niceeeee!
    I'm so gonna try that out o:
    Thank you for the vid ^^
    (you look super gorgoues btw) xx~

  2. OMG I tried but I failed miserably...I think my hair's too short ;_; Lovely video and you look so pretty!!!!

  3. Thanks babes! Your comments means so muchies to me! :D I hope you master it somedayz! And thanks for the compliment! I think the webcam just made me look lots more presentable HAHAH

    I am really not that pretty!!

    Lav lav lav lav

  4. Aww I'm so envious of your super long and thick hair! This is a great tutorial and trick, but unfortunately my hair is too short and thin to hold itself up like that :(

  5. Cool idea that I will definitely try when my hair grows out. It's shoulder-lenth at mo and so not long enough.

    Really, really love your hair - so long and pretty! You must have the patience of a saint to grow it out like that since whenever I get bored, I decide a big dramatic cut is in order. *sigh*

    Btw. I'm assuming your hair is typically the Asian/Chinese type (from the video, it looks that way), so would it not be really straight and too slippering without the use of hairspray?



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