16 February 2011

Overview of GEO Circle Lenses: Nudy Series

My last post was about GEO's Angel series > and today I'll be doing an overview on the Nudy series! Angel, Nudy and Tricolor (World/3-tone) is probably the most well known series by GEO because I don't know why.

Therefore, you'd probably find that posts about Angel, Nudy and Tricolor will be much longer! :D

GEO Nudy (CH-62*)
besides Nudy Golden Blue (CH-932)

The GEO Nudy series is available in 7 different colours (yes! Seven!): Violet/Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey, Pink and least known, Golden Blue.

Unlike the Angel series, the Nudy series does NOT have a black rim around the edges! However, this does NOT mean that the Nudy design is smaller than the Angel design, when compared in diameter. Both series is 14.0mm in diameter. What I'm trying to say is, the design of the Nudies completely takes over the area of the black border, get it?

So for Nudies, the coloured pattern of each is what offers eye-enlargement, whereas, for the Angels, it's the black rim that's doin' the job.

Ok, so onto what the Nudies look like when worn (omg, they're starting so sound like a racial group). When worn, up close, you can see that my eyes look quite pixelated and often gives you a 'marble-effect' for your eyes.

If you examine closely into the design... Yes. It does consist of rays comin' out from the centre too which is similar to the Angels. However, the rays of the Nudies, are more subtle, therefore, making this series more wearable. There is also an extremely extremely thin black border around if you ask. However, this rim shows up to be really really soft and subtle when worn, so there's nothing to worry if you're not a fan of black rimmed circle lenses.

Also, for your information, I don't need to wear eyeliner for this, however I DO recommend a little mascara or at least, invisible lining OR tight lining. Keeping in mind that I have a normal-sized eye shape with double lids.

For color evaluations, ALL colours in this series has a GREAT payoff. Saying this, I mean, from a distance, you can definitely see the colour of the eyes, unlike the Angel series, where you can barely tell. But I'll outline anything that you need to know.

*Nudy Blue is my favourite. Hehehe you didn't need to know that, but okay :P I like it because it looks quite natural on me and I LOVE the color's payoff! Love!

Here's a close-up:

* For Nudy Purple, I will only be able to see it when close-ups. Not so much for a distance though. Surprisingly, this is how Nudy Purple turns out on camera. Like a pinkish-grey. But it's not like that at all IRL :/

*If you're looking for hazel eyes, don't try Nudy Brown. It just looks like pixelated brown eyes. Nothing like hazel. Read on to my next few posts and I'll mention which ones are hazel :D

*Nudy Grey is one of the most popular selling pair from this range, however, I don't recommend it. Because the colour payoff isn't THAT great. Of course you can see it, however, not to the point where it 'wows' me.

*I have never tried Nudy Pink, Nudy Green and Nudy Golden Blue, therefore there's nothing I could tell you about.

- Eye enlargement
- Natural-dolly look

I personally prefer this series over the Angel. I like how it gives suc ha great color payoff and it serves the idea of the Angel series, just as well. It also offers a dolly-look when worn, however, is more natural-looking. Therefore, I have written 'natural-dolly'. If you're up close, you can see the pixelation, however, it doesn't bother me really and there's nothing that I would complain about these lenses in flash photography.

This is an overview of GEO Nudy Series. GEO Nudy Blue and Nudy Purple, I have worn, however ALL other coloured pairs are comments I retrieved from my customers when I sold lenses. Besides their comments, I have seen them worn the pairs occasionally and these are my comments/opinions. Please consider that it matters from people to people due to a variety of factors such as eye colours.

I hope you found this post helpful and clears up your decisions to purchase GEO Nudy Series. I have NOT called this post a 'review' because a review would typically include the comfort and detailed features. In this post, I have outlined briefly about the colours and patterns.

Next post to come: the Olive series.

Yours deerest,

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  1. Thanks for writing this! I think I prefer the Nudy series over the Angel series, because like you said, these are a lot more wearable. The blue pair really does look great on you!


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