11 July 2010

Circle Lens: GEO Tricolor (3-TONE) Green

As promised! GEO Circle Lenses in 3-tone Tricolor Green (CM-903)! Like Tricolor Blue, it does little eye-enlargment, so definitely NOT recommended for the dolly-look, but it looks quite natural without flash. However, I find it to look a little bit haunting IN flash photography..

I'm not really a big fan of green. It's harder to pull off than blue. In my honest opinion, I think Asian girls can pull of blue easier than green, unless you have full eye make-up on of course.

These photos were taken on my sister and she loves this pair of circle lens.

Without flash, the green looks more natural and soft, IMO.

Here is what they look like in full person hehe :)

Hope you enjoyed this post!

1 comment :

  1. pretty~

    They do look really natural on you. hahaha I love GREeen~


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