17 August 2010

BYS Matte Top Coat Review

I just bought this a few days ago for $5 at GLOSS! I haven't had a chance to try out OPI's matte polishes yet! So I bought this to see how it is!


After opening the box packaging and all, I swatched it on my nail and decided that I really do not like it! I did a comparison picture for you to see!

The final finish isn't truely matte! It's more like.. halfway towards matte and halfway away from a regular polish finish.

All it does is minus the gloss by a little bit, and dulls the colour.

The only good thing about this is that it's cheap, but it isn't what I call a 'matte finish' really.
I personally wouldn't repurchase this product.


  1. i was about to say "WOW thats so cool!" until i read you didnt like it :D hahaha! it makes the polish look different so i guess it tried to make it matte but just wasnt successful? ok im being overly optimistic here. so im just gonna say... glossy nails look prettier trammie! :)

  2. Yes babe! It was no where near successful LOL >.<!!

  3. Thanks for that .. definitelyy will not be purchasing!

  4. I know this post was made 6 years ago but I'll try my luck. How's BYS matte top coat for nail arts? Do they smudge the nail art?
    Thank you!!


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