08 November 2010

Make-up quick tips for formal/prom

Hello!! As I promised.. although a few days late! A post about make-up tips for formal/prom! :D

So first up!

Tell me, do you dress to impress? Or do you want to be the trend-setter?

Alright, let's talk to all 'dress-to-impress'ers!
By saying 'dress to impress', I mean your main focus is too looking outrageously gorgeous girly to impress all male audience! You want them to gossip after formal and say 'She was freaking beautiful'.
The downside for this is that, you gotta wear minimal make-up! And this may make you look naturally STUNNING to them, at the formal place, but however, won't be too photogenic. For example!
Eye make-up!
If you wear JUST an everyday look (minimal makeup = thin eyeliner, MLBB lipstick, false lashes, light coverage foundation), you'll look naturally beautiful.
However, in photos, your eyes will not stand out as much as other girls who'll be wearing smokey eyes.

Trend-setters are to set the trends, hence the name! You can impress the girls (who understands) with a chic, punk or any Lady-Gaga style!
From red lipsticks to bold eyeliner!
The good thing about this is being awesomely unique in your own way!
A downswing to this is... the boys. They don't seem to understand any make-up trends or whatsoever. LMAO. As soon as they see you with eyeshadow, they immediately accuse you of being cake-faced #fml

Sucks that guys don't understand the beauty of make-up.
I guess it's the same how we don't understand their world of WOW of COD.

Here are tips by category!

  • Remember to match the foundation shade to your skin! You need this to be PERFECT!
  • Stay as natural as you possibly can - because guys *discuss* after formal about 'which girl has the cakiest face?' LOL... Hope I wasn't on the list :/
  • Dewy or matte finish, preferbly matte (IMO). Remember to blot blot blot blot if you have oily skin!
  • Remember to make sure it is SPF free for a matte-finish!
  • Take a picture WITH flash on before you leave the house and see if your skin is shine-free or not! Or recheck anything you need to fix up!
  • Bring your pressed powder, just in case you need to retouch! Better safe than sorry!

  • Eyeshadow primer? Base? Keep your eyeshadows lasting longer!
  • Blue dress = blue eyeshadow? If you're a trend setter, go for it! Whatever floats your boat!
  • I know girls like to make their eyes pop with shimmer in the inner corner, but please do avoid too much shimmer. You want attention on your eyes, not your tearducts!
  • Bring false lashes glue, just in case! It's small and handy!

  • To make your nose appear 'taller', streak a highlighter onto your nose bridge & blend blend blend!
  • If you are doing your own makeup, remember to conceal redness around your nose!

  • Moisturize your lips well!
  • A long-lasting lipcolour would help wonders!
  • Remember to bring your lipstick/gloss to touch up!
  • Conceal around your lips, to make it look more defined!

  • Recharge your camera and phone the night before!
  • Hollywood tape if you need!
  • Remember to bring touch ups products if necessary!
  • For girls who are wearing tight/fitting dresses, if you don't want to show your panty-lines... Grab a pair of old stockings, cut the legs off to thigh-length and wear them instead!
  • Make sure you moisturise your whole entire body! Your legs and arms, you don't want them to look all frosty and drying! :(
  • Don't forget to spray perfume, maybe 1-2 hours before you head to formal avenue, so it's not too heavy, nor too light.
  • If you're going to have an afterparty or walk in the city, it's advised that you want to bring a pair of flats, instead of those killer high heels! Yeah?
  • Manisure & Pedicure!
  • Remember to redo your brows AND moustache (whatever you call that) a few days before formal!
  • If you are doing your own makeup, it's advised that you do try on your makeup for a day. Just to see how many hours you need to retouch OR if there's anything that's possibly not right with your makeup :$
  • You could book professional makeup artists. For your info, I love makeup artists from photo studios! Although your makeup looks heavier at the shopping mall, at the formal venue, you will look perfectly fine because other girls will have their makeup done too. So it becomes normal. And the bonus is.. you will look more photogenic! Yay!

I think there's more to it... But I really forgot.
I'm really sleepy right now, just trying to finish this off.
Excuse me if I did any spelling mistakes or wasn't being so clear on a particular point.
Leave me a comment if you need :)
I will post more tips when I figure what I've missed out.



  1. Thanks so much for that gorgeous, I especially love the tip about "taking flash before you go" because I remember one time, this girl in our grade for our year 10 formal, her make up looked odsjfpsd in the photos that used flash!

  2. dress to impress yourself is what i would say, dont worry about what other people think :) if you like what you're wearing then by all means go for it!! you have a lovely blog <3



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