09 November 2010

Quick tips for formal: Contacts or not?

Hi girlies! Rambles for ya today!

So some girlies' formal are coming up! And I already did posts on makeup and fashion-wise :$
These posts are expressed in my own opinion, esp the fashion-related LOL Cause I'm no where near having a sense of fashion, okay? :)

So... many of you will probably consider to put your hands on a pair of contacts for formal!

Ummm okay, where shall I start?

I'm not talking about clear contacts today, I'm just gonna give you a few perspectives about circle lenses and/or coloured contacts.

Most of you will probably think "I should wear blue contacts for formal since it'll make my eye colour so much more good looking" OR "I should invest on a pair of hazel contacts, how hot is that? Hazel eyes! Cmon!"

In my very honest opinion, I don't recommend circle lenses for formal, just because not ALL of them are comfortable for over 6 hours, and you don't want any eye irritations during formal or whatever! :{

However, if you have a pair of circle lenses which is comfortable all day, you must also consider if they look good in flash photography! Would it blend in with your natural eye color? Or would it make you look creepily weird.

For example:
Sourced from here

See how the blue doesn't completely blend with the eye colour and you can see the pupil?
Do consider if you like this effect in your photos or not!

That's just something for you to consider! I'm not against it, but I'm just saying! Don't bash me heheh x

For people who want extra hazel eyes! If you already have brown eyes, don't worry about it! Flash photography will make your eyes stand out more!
OR why don't you use eyes' cosmetics to help you enhance your eye color instead? :)

However, if you do plan to wear contacts, remember to bring your contact case with refilled solution! Just incase they get uncomfortable or so...

Yours deerest,


  1. I have been using contact lens for two years already. I used hazel brown and grey colors. I would say they are more convenient than my eyeglasses. I just have to make sure they stay clean always. I am planning to buy the amethyst color next. :)

  2. Wow! Amethyst colour? That sounds good! ;) Show meee hehehe

  3. I really like your blog how you give advice on make-up!! I don't know much about it, so I think your blog will be very helpful. :)


  4. hehe i think most lashes look the best with flash photography!


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