29 November 2010

Review: GEO Conventional Soft Lenses

Yay! I've finally got my camera back! It's the same model - Sony Cybershot W310 in classy black :)
I had to travel to a few stores to find a black model :$ I'm so picky.. I know :(
Anyhows, will be doing a review for you today on GEO's Conventional Lenses that I have purchased quite a while back for my upcoming formal :)

GEO Conventional Soft Contact Lenses

Lightly color tinted GEO soft contact lenses provide eyes with soft and excellent
feeling of wearing by using new thin and elastic lens material.

Color (tint) available: Blue & Aqua
Diameter: 14.00mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.40~8.60mm
C.T: 0.04~0.13mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Power Range: -1.00D ~ -15.00D
sourced from here >


You can order these at very fewer websites, however, I got mine from http://www.cclens.com.au/ and it was $40 + $8 shipping.

$40 is ALOT for a pair of GEO Circle Lenses. I think it's WAY too overpriced. However, formal was around the corner and I really needed to find a distributor in Australia who has my prescriptions and the pair I wanted in stock... so yup.

Anyways... here is my experience with the Conventional Soft Lenses...

I found them to be quite uncomfortable when I just put them on.. very uncomfortable. Not to the point where it irritate my eyes, dries my eyes or make them super-duper itchy.
However, when I put them on, my eyes felt really tired and uncomfortable. Every time I blink, it seems that I really can feel the lenses... so it's not that great when you just placed them in.

After about 1 hour, the lenses became more comfortable for me to wear. It didn't make my eyes feel tired at all which was great :)

I don't wear these lenses everyday, just because I don't think I need to wear them everyday. I only wear them when my friends and I get together for a game of COD (yes! Cod!), when I'm driving or occasionally when I go out late at night... just because my vision is SO bad at night.

And to make things worse, I lost my pair of glasses Y_____Y

Yes Y____Y So when I first put them on, they are quite uncomfortable, however it gets better after an hour or so. I could wear this for the whole day without having them drying my eyes out (unless I sleep).

On my formal day, I wore them from AT LEAST 12PM till 4AM the next day without having the feeling uncomfortable after the first hour. Though, on the bus home, I fell asleep and when I woke up, my contacts disappeared and it took a few too many blinks for it to show itself :S But that's normal right?

These conventional lenses are like circle lenses with 14.00mm diameter, however, they are clear.. so yup :)

Available in 2 tints: Blue & Aqua and lasts up till 1 year after unsealing the bottle.

For your info, pinkyparadise do not carry these in their product range [unfortunately].

That is my experience with the 'Conventional' contacts!

Hope that helped you guys!

Yours deerest,


  1. Nice camera ^___^ Sony Cybershots are good!
    OMG you play COD :P I suck at that :(

  2. Oh wow you're right...those lenses are really expensive compared to most circle lens >.<

  3. You can check out at
    doodledollydreams.weebly.com (:
    I bought authenthic GEO lenses from her last time. She's selling at $12 per pair and $33 for 3 pairs + free casing ! ( in SGD ).
    Though its based in Singapore, they supply worldwide, and I think its simply affordable !(:

  4. Dear Ms. Tram,

    Thank you for the review. You can't find many reviews about Geo conventional lens unfortunately. One question: Are you sure you can wear the lens daily up to 1 year(365 days) after opening the vial?

    Best of luck,

    1. Hi Dorin,

      That's what's GEO says :P I don't wear them for the full 365 days though!

    2. Dear Ms. Tram,

      Thank you for the swift reply. GEO say on their site: "You can wear these lenses for up to one month...". This is for GEO RX. Do you have the RX lens or some other GEO conventional lens?

      Best of luck,

    3. Hi Dorin,

      I've actually searched and they don't even have these lenses anymore! Not in aqua tints or blue tints! Only green tints?

      It's been long since I've used these lenses so I'm not too sure about what they were called exactly and their codes :P

      But thank you for bringing this to my attention! ^~^

    4. Dear Ms. Tram,

      I understand. But were you pleased with them? Did they last 1 year? Do they compare to similar lens from "big" companies(ie Bausch&Lomb, Johnson&Johnson, Ciba Vision, CooperVision)?

      Best of luck,

  5. hi!
    sorry to bring this article up after 6 years but you are the only review i found about geo clear lenses, and unfortunately i can't see your photos anymore.
    i'm looking for clear lens everywhere and found this pair, however what disturbs me is the "blue/aqua tint", and as i couldn't find any real photo, i just would like to know; was the tint obvious when you wore them?

    hope you could help me, thanks a lot!:)

    1. Hey Jae! Late reply, but no. It was nothing that was visible to the eye, to be honest.. so don't be afraid! Hope that helps. x


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