20 February 2013

Collective Haul: Lush, Markets, Big W, IHERB

Collective haul post as mentioned in my previous posts! :P I'm super sorry for the late postings lately.. I've been spending my time playing Candy Crush Saga after I wake up so I've been lagging everything else! >_< So badass, I know!

Anyways, my first shop stop is Big W. In my previous sales post, I've mentioned that Big W is having their once-in-a-while $3 off Face Of Australia and Australis sale again. This time is better as Maybelline is also having a $4 off sale in which I wouldn't really care for usually, but....

  • Maybelline's Total Clean Express Eye & Lip Make-up Remover dropped down to only $2.72 from $6.72! Bargain! 
  • Also picked up a pack of Face Of Australia wipes for $1.94 methinks.
  • Totally forgot about Australis' Nail Polish Remover so I headed to another Big W the next day to grab the remaining two! These are the BEST nail polish remover and they were less than $2 each!

I've also collected a few items from the markets that's been lying around so I thought I'd include them too since there's not too much to seperate them in a different post! 

  • Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion (not the full size) -- I have the full-size of this at home and it smells DIVINE. The scent is unbelievably sexy.. I'm not even kidding. 
  • OPI "Fuji Weejee Fawn" -- Can't remember how much I got this for, but since it was so cheap.. why not?!
  • ORLY mini-sized "Grape Glitz" -- For blogging purposes again! I got this, a pair of booties wedges and some other miscellaneous stuff for $5.. So I pretty much got it for free since the seller usually sells his shoes for $5 per pair!
  • Paper Scissors Rings -- Picked this up for $4 at Parramatta when I was prancin' around as I was shopping for gifts for a friend.
  • Real  Technique Brushes from Iherb.com -- Can't remember how much these were, but my sister asked me to grab her a set of brushes, so I thought I'd pick some for myself too :P Carted the Powder Brush and their VERY well loved Blush brush that I've heard much from the blogosphere. 

Whilst I was at Parramatta, I also stopped by Lush!
  • Ended up getting him the "I Love Juicy" shampoo for a friend which was $12.95 for the smallest size.
  • Two steam tablets for the face for dry skin. I'm not sure how keen I am on these to be honest.. $2.50 per tablet. Has anyone tried them?
  • The lovely Lush girl gave me a free soap sample! Yay!

I've also been shopping for shoes! I didn't think I'd include these shoes in this post, but since it's a 'collective' haul post, I thought I'd share!

Grabbed these two pairs from the markets for less than $5 each. If you live in Sydney, then you must hit up Paddy's markets in Flemington on Saturday morning for cheap stuff uleh!

As for this lovely pair of black and blue heels.. these were from Big W for a marked price of $20, but I scanned these for $15! Yay! I love the colour combo and the fact that it's not too tall. I can't wear high heels, I don't think so! Meep!

That's all for my collective haul! I'm off to play Candy Crush Saga now.............. Been stuck on level 147 for one whole day! I've never been stuck this long!!!! :(

Thanks for reading everybuddy, I'll speak to you guys soon! I'm heading off to Benefit's cosmetics event tomorrow so make sure to follow me on Instagram (@the_beautifool) for updates!


  1. Is that Maybelline eye make up remover any good with waterproof mascara? I wanna try! That's such a bargain!

  2. Great haul! I really want to try more Lush products.


  3. I actually went out to Big W after reading your post and bought myself those nail polish removers! I was surprised at how cheap they came down to and even more surprised when I tried them. Love, love, love the Real Technique brushes as well.


  4. super love those sandals :D
    and hm I gotta look for those makeup removers, are they good?

  5. Omg great haul! Real techniques brushes are really good!!


  6. Great haul! Real techniques brushes are one of my fav brushes! So soft!


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