28 February 2013

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- March 2013

HEY. This is going to be a long post... so hang on tight! We're jumping straight into recent launches AND next month's launches! Leggo!

Rimmel London launched a new Matte range of their Lasting Finish lippies by Kate Moss. Promises an all day wear of colour and comfort! Never tried them, but I have swatches here. Weird, huh?

Available now. 6 shades. RRP $12.95.
Bourjois has also launched more lippies! Their new "Rouge Edition Lipsticks" are described to be hydrating and moisturising on the lips whilst packing a punch of colour so if you're into vivids, brights, bolds (or neons even!) then this is for you! There's two reds, a fuschia, a peach, a brighter pink and a dimmer pink in the shaderange to choose from.

Available now/soon (I've seen transition of these to stores, but haven't seen stock). 6 shades. RRP $19.00

More lipsticks! Hello! It's a lip fest today, because this isn't even the last of this month's lip products LOL.

Face Of Australia (yay!!) adds two spankin' new shades to their Lip Quenches this March in "Peaches & Cream" and "Mocha Latte"! I've tried these lip quenches before, but I've never been a fan of the scent (apparently is because of the SPF30+). They're extremely pigmented though! Worth a look if you can stand the scent.. the SPF30+ is truly a big bonus I'd say.

Available soon. 2 new shades. RRP $9.45.

Next up -- Models Prefer! Last time I've heard from them was for their skincare range, but this time they're hitting us with their new lip PRODUCTS. Yes.. Products. Plural. With an 'S'. Exciting! :P The price tags of these lip products makes it even more exciting, actually.

In a nutshell:
  • Moisture Lust Lipsticks -- light coverage with an instant moisturising sensation once applied. Provides ultimate comfort when worn and conditions the lips! Available in 8 shades. RRP $11.99.
  • Infinite Colour Lip Liners -- Described to be transfer-proof, waterproof, non-feathering and long wearing. Available 5 shades. The white pencil you see in the photo is actually a clear lip liner so don't fret yet! RRP $7.99.
  • Runway Lipglosses -- A maximum shine and rich coloured lipgloss. Available in 6 shades. RRP $7.99.
All products are available now, exclusively to Priceline.

Available at Priceline in March

Essence strikes back with two new limited edition collections -- Circus Circus is one of them! "Circus Circus" stars:
  • Stay All Day Eyeshadows -- 3 shades. RRP $5.50
  • Liquid Eyeliners -- 2 shades. RRP $4.50 
  • Lip Lacquers -- 2 shades. RRP $3.50.
  • Lip Topper (pearly/glittery gloss to top off lipsticks or lipglosses) -- 1 shade. RRP $3.95.
  • Highlighter Powder -- 1 shade. RRP $5.95.
  • Colour Nail Polishes (duo nail polishes) -- 4 shades. RRP $5.50.
  • Nail Fashion Stickers -- 2 styles. RRP $3.95
  • Eau De Toilette (fragrance) -- RRP $9.90

Available at Target in March

Their other collection is called Home Sweet Home and it's oh so colourful! :P This collection seems more cute and girly!
  • Eyeshadows  -- 3 shades. RRP $3.50.
  • Long-lasting lipsticks -- 2 shades. RRP $4.50
  • Volume & gloss lip maximiser -- 1 shade. RRP $3.95.
  • Blush -- 2 shades. RRP $5.50.
  • Nail Polish Gel Shine -- 4 shades. RRP $3.50.
  • Nail Fashion Stickers Gel Shine -- 1 style. RRP $3.95.
  • Purse (?!?!) -- 1 style. RRP $4.50.
As per usual, there'll always be an item or two that I'm eye-ing! Looking at you pretty blushers!

 Hi L'Oreal!!!!! Hi BB. Hi CC. What? CC? What's CC?
  • L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Blush ($22.95) -- Australia's first BB blush. It's a transparent gel (played with this instores and it's like a rosy-tinted primer!) which transforms into a rosy pink colour upon contact with the skin's PH levels.
  • L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream ($26.95) -- What's a CC cream, you've asked? Well, it's like a BB cream with the additional colour-correcting (CC) ability. Described to reduce redness and match every skin tone... eh. 

I've almost mentioned L'Oreal's Nude Magique BB Powder in last month's launches. Thought I'd mention it again as it's now in stores!

RRP $26.95

There's also their Carresse Shine Stains! Don't forget! I have swatches here if you're interested.

RRP $23.95

They've also released a new limited edition Autumn collection for their Colour Riche Nail Lacquers which consist of a total of 5 shades! Do I have photos? Nope. Soz!

RRP $6.95. Available from February to September 2013. 

And last of the bunch! L'Oreal's False Lash Telescopic Mascara. In short, it's a fibre mascara with a gentle formula that lengthens, is comfortable to wear and won't smudge or smear. This one's exxy though!

Available in Black & a waterproof version. RRP $25.95. 

Only a few more products to go guys! Hang on tight!

BYS Glitter Dusts!
Basically, you just paint your nails and whilst it's still wet, dip your nails into the glitter dusts, wait to dry and brush off excess. Brush included. Seems pretty basic to me!

Available in 10 shades. RRP $7.95

Mode Matte Me Top Coat 
Nothing new with matte top coats, but it doesn't really hurt to have a matte top coat in your nail collection! Layer them over any colours and it'd be matte in no time! This one by Mode is a cheaper alternative to many other brands

RRP $2.45

Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner
Yay! I've received this in the mail from the PR. Reason why it's curved is so when you hold it, it's perfect fit with your index finger. It's holu golly pigmented as a felt tip. I've tried many felt tips and this one is extremely dark black. The tip is also very fine, but I do find that it creases easily. I've yet to trial its wear time, but once I do.. I'll have a review up!

RRP $14.95.

They've also announced their "to-be released products"! Pretty exciting!!!

Pout Paste reminds me ALOT of Sleek Paint Pouts or OCC Lip Tars even, whereas their "All Over Face & Body Tint" could possibly be something similar to MAC Face & Body Foundation, don't you think?!

Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Polishes
These came with the Kate Moss matte lipsticks. I'm not too sure how many shades there are, but they're already at Priceline! From what I see, they seem to be a range of duochromatic nail lacquers!

RRP $6.95 (I think!)

So that's all for next month's launches! Keep in mind that those Australis products are just sneak-peeks. I have no idea when they are launching so when I do, I'll let you know!

Which products are you EXTREMELY excited about?!
Which products have you already tried?

I personally love the little blushers from Essence's Home Sweet Home Collection!


  1. Just grabbed one of the Kate Moss matte lippies today!

    I've heard so much about the Bourjois lipsticks and the Essence Circus collection is too cute, can't wait for those.

    Can I just say how much I love your drugstore launch posts. I can never keep track of the drugstore brands new releases so these monthly posts are incredibly helpful!

    1. I haven't heard much about Bourjois lipsticks! Must get down to some researching now! Hehehe! Thank you for your sweet feedback Kate! Must let us know how those Kate Moss matte lippies go!

  2. I'm interested in these CC and BB Blush things lol had no idea about them. Far out.

  3. So my new goodies hitting the Australian stores! Would love to buy them and try it out but my wallet doesn't let me :"( I'm a bit confused about the BB Blush... What's the BB supposed to stand for? :S But it would be interesting to try the CC cream


    1. Beauty Balm Blush..... Yup. LOL jk I don't know really! I think it's just a product to add to their "BB" range although it doesn't make any sense when you expand the names and think about it...

  4. I'm kind of excited to see the 'CC cream' by Loreal! Why 'eh', girl?! Do you happen to know when the Revlon BB cream is coming?! I am pining out for it!


    1. Eh because brands and companies keep claiming that their products can match to your skintones. This happens all day everyday!

  5. I love these posts but they're bad as fuck for my wallet. Must check out the Rimmel and Boujois lippies! And how cute do the new Essence collections look! I HATE YOU! haha ;P

    1. LOL Angela! As soon as I saw the pics of Bourjois new lippies.. I IMMEDIATELY thought of yew!! Queen of brights and bold! I love you too poopie! Hehehe!! :P

  6. just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG :D esp these new drugstore roundups! sooo exciting

  7. omg those new Essence collections... MUST. GET. MY. HANDS. ON. THEM.
    And the Australis Pout Pastes remind me of Sleek Pout Paints :) I think that's what they were inspired by.
    Thanks for these posts Tram! I can just kiss my money goodbye now lol

  8. I've been trying to find the light duochrome shade from the Rimmel Metal Rush collection - cannot find it ANYWHERE. Been to like 3 different Pricelines. The other 3 shades are fully stocked though. Sigh. Liking the look of the Essence stuff :) And I agree, I really don't like the scent of the FOA lipsticks, to the point that I don't want to use them because I find the scent that off-putting.

  9. I've got one of the Metal Rush nail polishes, I think it was $7.95 but yeah I'm not sure either because I got it in the 2 for $10 promo. I'm soooo keen for that new Australis stuff!

  10. The Rimmel 'Metal Rush' collection is AMAZING!!! I love them :)This is a great post, thank you :)


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