18 February 2013

Recent Empties -- Feb 2013

YEY! My first empties post for 2013! I'm glad I'm getting somewhere with my stash. Of course, I still do add products here and then, but lately, I've been trying to use up whatever I can.. whether it be skincare, cosmetics or haircare!

Yes! Four whole packets of facial wipes! Three by Face Of Australia in which I've already repurchased and one by Lacura, a brand that you can only find at Aldi. They're actually okay for $2.50, but they're not that moist for the face so I wouldn't recommend it nor would I repurchase! I'm actually happy that it's not as bad as Australis' wipes for it's price :P

For the other products, I've got to the skincare sample set by Trilogy that's been hanging around forever. Their products were okay and their Rose Hip Oil definitely saved my skin when it acted up, but I still like Sukin's Hydration Booster better so bye bye Trilogy. You served me well though.

As for Australis' See Ya Later Nail Polish Remover.. Let me just say.. It's probably one of the best nail polish removers! I've already repurchased and a collective haul post is coming your way! :P

Nutrimetics Restore Intense Anti-Ageing Night Creme* has also been a great product, but way outta my price range. Meep. It's a lovely night creme though.. rich, creamy and moisturising! I wouldn't deem it as a holy grail product, but definitely something to look to if you've got the bucks for it!

Another night cream and sample I've finished is by Nivea. Their Visage Q10  Night Cream felt quite soothing the first time I've tried it, but it was just average after that so I'm passing up this one too.

Last product is a cosmetic product! You're probably wondering how I've cleaned the BYS Blusher SO well that there's not one bit of powder intact with the pan... Well.. I didn't. What happened was.... I dropped it, smashed it, and dropped it again so it's pretty much scattered allllll over my floor. It's a cheap and pigmented blusher though! I love its luminous finish so if that's your thing then give it a go!

Those are all the products I've finished "recently" *cough* since last year, but I've been too lazy to post about it *cough*

OH. Totally forgot about the Nature's Care Paw Paw Balm.. I only used it twice, but it's going because it's super runny and liquid-y. It sucks. Nuff said.

What products have you finished recently?
Have you tried Lacura, the Aldi brand?

*Disclaimer: Products marked with (*) were provided for review consideration. However, all opinions within this post are of my own and remains unbiased and truthful.


  1. Nice! I still haven't actually finished any MAKEUP item -.- I suck.

  2. I've never finished any blushes I always smash them before I finish them..


  3. Haha the only makeup products I've finished are mascaras...when they go dry and gunky it counts as finished right?

  4. Uh hello! I didn't even know Australis did nail polish remover, I've literally never seen it in stores!! How crazy. And I agree, I highly dislike the Paw Paw lip balm thing, I was skeptical about it as soon as I saw it's extreme bottle size.. haha!


  5. That Paw Paw cream has known to be dangerous it actually has made people
    have horrible effects causing rashes and scars! I was going to try it
    till i saw a media report about it.

    Thanks for a great post!
    Sakura x


  6. I never finish that many products in a month :P


  7. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand.


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