04 March 2011

Skin Care Routine & Changes + Double Eyelid Tape

Skin. Care. Routine. Yes. Everyone of us has a daily skin care routine which consists of many different products to suit our skin type/conditions.

So I'm extremely happy to share with you my daily skin care routine for you today! First off, explaining to you my skin type/conditions of course.

Initially, I have extremely oily skin and severe acne as a condition. However, as I'm on RoAccutane, my skin has became severely dry with occasional breakouts.

Anyways, a routine typically follows as: cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing.

Of course, that's not always the case. You can always add extra steps such depending on what's up with your skin. For example, if you wear make-up, you would need extra products such as eye-makeup removers, make-up removers, facial wipes, facial peels, serums etc.

So here's my skin routine to suit my extremely dry skin. I hope you find this helpful for you too!

For the previous fewer months, I've been using B.Liv Drench Me by Cellnique which is a gel-based cleanser. I find myself having to use their moisturizer booster and then ANOTHER moisturizer over the top to make my skin look less drying. However, it still flakes during the day.

So recently, I've switched to a cream-based cleanser by Neutrogena, Deep Clean Cream Cleanser which is Oil-Free. I find that the cleanser works best for me. My dry skin has got much less flakier than before. So I've been neglecting Drench Me, yes.

I don't exfoliate THAT often, however, when I do, I do switch choices between St. Ives Ultra Gentle Apricot Scrub and MAC Microfine Refinisher. I do reach out for my MAC Microfine Refinisher more often though. I like that I can see my dead skin cells being scrubbed away better than nothing at all.

On another note, after cleansing in the morn', I apply my QV Face Moisturising Day Cream SPF30+ and then top it off Dove's Essential Nutrients Protective Tinted Moisturizer SPF15.

Why so many?

Because my skin is THAT dry and the tinted moisturizer will have a flaky finish. This bothers me! I can't tend to get that 'perfect canvas' to go on with my foundation routine (but that doesn't stop me).

I'm loving this routine, because my foundation doesn't end up flaky anymore... bye bye dry skin!

Just by changing to a cream cleanser and adding another moisturizer has helped my skin so much! Love it!

For anyone who has extremely dry skin, I do hope that you pick out some of the products and do a good research about it. And hopefully it will help you too!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post!

On another-nother note, I have recently purchased this! Double Eye Lid Tape! Cheap ones! I'm gunna use these cheap ones first and see how it goes :) Then I''ll then decide to invest in anymore or not.

Is that suppose to say Shiseido? LUL

Anyways, this is what I look like with it on! I love double eyelids 8)


Yes, there's a difference. I do have double eyelids naturally. However, they are quite small. I'd like my eyelids to be a bit more thicker... just enough so you can see my eyeliner when I like my eyes :)
Because when I line my eyes without these tapes, my eyelids almost shows up as monolids...

Yes! That's all!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the skin products
    you are using! My skintype is oily/normal, a combination.

    Ooooh you can't see those tapes on your eyes! It looks natural on you :)
    Looks very beautiful!


  2. You are WAY too fast! The moment I posted, the moment you commented hahah! Thanks love! xx

  3. Ooh interesting post, thanks for sharing the products you use :) My skin type is sensitive/dry

    Haha and yes I think that is supposed to say Shiseido! They swapped the H and and D around lol, probably to avoid plagiarism xD Where did you get them from by the way, online or instore?

    You look great with the double eyelid tape, it looks heaps natural!!

  4. My skin is the same way!

    It's difficult finding products that work :)

  5. I heard recently putting a lot of layers of moisturizer is actually better than just one layer, but it's really hard to do that or at least I think so... hehe~

  6. It's really important to know your skin type before using any skin products. Hmmm... Having a beauty rest is a must to maintain a healthy skin and avoid having wrinkles.


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