18 March 2011

Nails Tutorial: Lime'mon

Hey everyone!!

My previous nail design and I just wanna do a tut for it. I know it's obviously kinda easy! But... it probably may seem hard if you look at it as a whole HAHHA

I used:
Two nail arts pen in black and yellow! (Because I LOVE yellow)

Creative's polish in Hop Pop Blue


STEP #1: Paint about 3/4 (or your desired portion) of the nail in blue. Apply two coats if you want!

STEP #2: Fill in the remaining with either a yellow nail polish or a yellow art pen.

STEP #3: Now, with a black art pen, just land the tip onto the side of the nail and carefully swipe to the opposing side.

Yay!! And there you have it!

Anyways, hope you've read my post about DIY food masks that I posted today.
Besides posting early, I've also spent time doing my sister's eye makeup for fun LOL!

Here's her so-called-model pose! Hah!

Now... BYE! :D


  1. Simple yet cute and efficient tutorial ^^
    (you and your sister are pretty ^^) xx

  2. Wow, amazing nails! Thanks for the tutorial! x

  3. The blue color is a great color for spring and is really pretty!



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