05 March 2011

Overview of GEO Circle Lenses: Two-Tone Series + Three Tone (World) Series

After laying off a few posts about circle lenses, don't be lazy now!! :D

I've came up with this idea of overviewing GEO Circle Lenses. If you haven't checked out my previous posts, please do:
I think that I've made such a big accomplishment. Haha. I find that these posts, I've been so informative and including every teeny-tiny bit of information that you NEED to know, if you plan to make a purchase.

Today's post will be about about GEO 2-tones and GEO 3-tones.

GEO 2-tones (CM-72*)

The GEO 2-tone series is available in 5 different colours, the usual: purple, blue, green, brown and grey.

The GEO 2-tones consist of no black rim/border on the outside, nor does it offer much eye-enlargement within its own design.

I actually haven't ever had a chance to try out these lenses! I really wish I did though! Gahhh... I really can't tell you what the colours are like and anything else :(

What I can tell you is that.. these lenses SHOULD offer a natural look with no dolly-look & eye-enlargement. Why? Because these are the traits of 3-tones which is based on the same design, however with an extra tone (colour).

GEO 2-tones (CM-90*)

The usual, the GEO 3-tones is available in five different colours. This series is also known as the 'World Series' and probably most heard as the 'Tri-colours'. Sounds cool, hey?

The Tri-colour design differs to other series in many many ways! Let's state... this series:
  • has NO outer rim/border: therefore it does NOT make your eye looks too harsh! This means that it offers NO dolly-look. If you're looking for a dolly look, this is definitely not for you.
  • consist of three-tones in the design, hence its name '3-tones'. The design consist of a darker tone, a lighter tone and a common neutral brown/yellow across all 5 shades of the series.
  • consist of a yellowish-brown colour from the centre across ALL shades. Why? Because GEO/the designer believed that the brown from centre will look like the colour of your brown eyes slowly transiting to blue, purple, brown, etc. Because of this feature, many people believe that this series will offer the MOST natural look.
  • offers NOT MUCH enlargement. Not because it doesn't have a black rim. Not at all. The design just doesn't offer much enlargement AT ALL. If you're look for enlargement, this is not for you.
  • offers the MOST natural look.

In the end, this series offers:
- Natural look (NO eye-enlargement/dolly-look)

This is the easiest series to pull off without make-up. You definitely won't need defined eyes or anything like that. Nothing at all! Why? Because the it offers no eye-enlargement and the colours are SO subtle and easy to wear.


Everything I know about this series:

*I have to say 3-tone Grey is the MOST popular pair of grey out of ALL series. I'm not sure how great is the colour's pay-off. But when you wear this, it will definitely show that you're wearing grey contacts! If you're searching for a natural lookin' grey, I recommend 2-tones and 3-tones grey! Raeview wore this pair in her latest video.

*Looking for a hazel-pair of contacts? 3-tone Brown is for you! I'm unsure how great the colour pay off is, but this is your hazel-eyes. Don't even bother with Angel Brown, Nudy Brown and Olive Brown if you're really looking for hazel-eyes. Do your research gals!

*Argh... 3-tone green! Here is my previous post of 3-tone Green. It definitely does have a great colour pay-off with minimum lighting. I do recommend if you're looking for a natural green. Not sure how this series will compete with other recent released series though.

*Tricolor Blue is my FAVOURITE! It offers such a NATURAL look! I can't stress over how natural it is! You won't see it with dull lighting, however it would look great in flash photography, dance lightings, sunlight and anything else with decent lighting! I love love love it! So natural. The colour isn't as light as Nudy Blue though. It's kind of dark. My previous post had a pic comparison between Tricolour & Nudy, etc.

*I'm not really sure about Tricolour Purple. I really have nothing to say! :$

I do recommend this series if you're looking for the most natural look. Although circle lenses are meant to enlarge your eyes, this series kinda defeats the purpose. It offers VERY little eye-enlargement. I don't recommend if you're looking for an illusion of larger eyes.

Two-tones vs Three-tones
Although, 3-tones has the yellowish-brown in the centre of each colour lens.. I don't understand how it would offer more of a natural look. Each person has a different shade of brown eyes, not to mention that the yellowish-brown colour is so much lighter above average anyways. I don't see how it can blend into our natural eye colours. Do you get my drift?

So... two-tones or three-tones?
That's all totally up to you.

This is an overview of GEO 2-tone and 3-tone series. All products were bought by ME. This is NOT a sponsored post. Please consider that this is within my experience and opinions, therefore, it matters from people to people.

I'm afraid you haven't found this post so helpful. However, if any questions, please leave me a comment! Anything! Talk to me, my lovely readers! Lol :)

I think last & next up are the Tearful series! Has anyone even heard of them?


  1. I think this series you're writing would be very helpful for those who can't decide which style to buy :) I've never heard of the Tearful series before though - is it a new collection?

  2. Ngaww! Thanks! I hope it's helpful to everyone!! :D The tearful series has always been around.. they've just been forgotten haha :)

  3. haha they were really forgotten then because this is the first time I've ever heard of them xD

  4. Hello! :) just wondering, where can you buy these lenses from? Can you please give me 2 or 3 authorised resellers (if you know them)?? thanks much! :)
    (p.s. I'm anonymous simply because I can't be bothered to set up any account haha)

  5. Hi Anon :) I hope you do check back for the answer :3 anyways, you can get these from pinkyparadise.com as they usually include small freebies and there should be many discount codes you can find online. There's also many other sites which sells circles lenses too, but I'm only aware of pinky paradise :( hope that helps you :) x

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