07 March 2011

My take on Gyaru makeup heh!

As you may or may not know... gyaru make-up is something I've always wanted to try! I love their look in general. So cute!

It's basically big lashes, big eyes, small lips and pink cheeks! I love their natural and clean eye make-up. As easy as it looks, I think it can become quite hard because that just means mistakes will become more obvious! And you'll also need to focus on very very clean and defined eyeliner.

Sorry galz! But this is my take on the gyaru-look. I really don't think it looks gyaru but I was totez inspired by Eki! I love her simple and clean everyday make-up.

I'd call this a gyaru, if not, an Eki-inspired.

If it's neither, then we shall call it a failed-gyaru attempt.

I started off with big false lashes and nude lips. And I was like... SOMETHING'S MISSING BRO.

How could I possibly forget the blush?!

I added a rosy pink blush, maybe a little bit too much... and also added a tint of pink to the beige lip colour... so there you go pink lips!

And adding more colours to the eyes...

Hehehehehe does it look anything like gyaru? Is there anything I'm missing?
To me, it kinda looks like just average defined look with rosy cheeks... Maybe I should make the lashes bigger and eyes more droopier next time?!

Oh, I don't know! Someone please tell me!
Need to go pack for TAFE now.. Bye!!

Oh & and as you're here, can you tell me which type of posts are you looking forward to? Reviews? Rambles? Rants? Factual articles like this?

I'm planning to post about product's textures that will suit your skin types/conditions. Anyone interested? Does anyone read my blog? ANYONE?!

Hahaha I'm just kidding! Post for you soon!


  1. Aw so pretty! You do look gyaru but more on the natural side I suppose :) Maybe some bottom lashes would make you look even more gyaru hehe. Your eyelids look amazing by the way, are you using eyelid tape?

  2. Awww thanks ! You're so quick!! You suppose to be asleep for uni tomorrow hahaha :) Yes I was gonna add some bottom lashes, but don't have any 8( Yup I'm using double eyelid tape!! :D xx

  3. Yeah I was just checking blogs and I saw yours on my feed ^^ I'll be sleeping soon don't worry :D Aw I see, you could use top lashes on the bottom as an alternative~ I want to try double eyelid tape after seeing your pics xx

  4. you look very pretty! that's all that should matter haha! gyarus have really big hairs. =) but overall i think you did a good job with the makeup! ^^

  5. Awww you look like a pretty doll dear ^^ and yeah, I think you look like a naturally pretty gyaru.
    Some of them wearing tons of make-up + wigs + gazillion hair accessoires.

    Hey, did I just give myself an idea for cosplay?!

    Anywayz xxxx

  6. so kyooooote desu ne. HAHA im being purposefully asian fyi, i don't talk like that hehe
    not exactly gyaru- i find them too out there. your version is a more wearable gyaru :D

  7. Pretty!! :) I really like the rosy cheeks. It's not too much at all, especially in a picture :) I think you look really pretty! :D


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