31 March 2011

Back2Basic: Skin products to suit your skin types/conditions (REVISION!)

Starting off, you need to know your skin type and condition(s) which you can read about here.
Where ever you see large pores and blackheads or means you're oily there.
Shiny areas on your face can also indicate your oily-ness.
Where ever flakes and scaly means you're dry there, keeping in mind that pores cannot be sighted for people with dry skin.

Normal Skin
These products would be mild and they would be used to maintain the skin condition.
  • Cleanser: Milk Cleanser
  • Toner: Mild Hydrating such as rosewater
  • Exfoliant: Enzymatic or granule (masks, peels and scrubs)
  • Mask: Cream masks
  • Moisturizer: Light weight cream

Dry Skin
These products are nourishing and hydrating to prevent premature aging.
  • Cleanser: Cream cleanser
  • Toner: Mild hydrating toner with no alcohol such as rosewater
  • Exfoliant: Enzymatic (masks)
  • Mask: Cream-based mask use for hydrating, lubricating and nourishing
  • Moisturizer: Oil-based, nourishing cream

Oily Skin
These products are used to balance oil flow, refine the pores and even the skin's texture.
  • Cleanser: Cleansing lotion
  • Toner: Water-based toner such as witchhazel
  • Exfoliant: Granule such as scrubs
  • Mask: Clay based mask
  • Moisturizer: Water-based light fluid moisturizer

Combination Skin
These products are used to balance the oil flow down the t-zones and hydrate and nourish the cheek area. If there is sensitivity, treat these areas with products for sensitivity.
  • Cleanser: Mlik cleanser
  • Toner: Mild hydrating toner such as rosewater
  • Exfoliant: Enzymatic (masks) or granules (scrubs)
  • Mask: Cream-based mask for drier areas and clay-based for oily areas
  • Moisturizer: Light weight cream

Other recommended products includes:
  • Eye cream
  • Neck cream
  • Serum or ampoule
  • Blemish cream
  • SUNSCREEN!! (important!)

OK. So what have we learnt so far? The most important thing I reckon you SHOULD imprint into your beautifool brains are:
  • AVOID CLEANSING LOTIONS AND FOAMING CLEANSERS (GEL) as they contain mild detergrent and foam (the sh"t you put into soap). What you do to your skin is stripping its moisture and all that stuff! So for oily people, you get more oily because your skin is producing MORE oil to make up the oil that was lost! And for dry skin, your skin already lacks oil so you're basically drying your skin out even MORE! Not recommended, not recommended :(
  • Use sunscreen to avoid wrinkles and sun damaged skin!
  • Oily skin is best for when you start to age as our skin will begin to dry out! So oily skin people benefit from having normal or moisturized skin when you age! Yay!! :D
  • Serums are medicated treatments which targets different skin types and conditions. For example! There's serums targeted for acne conditions, dry skin, dehydrated skin, etc.
  • You should aim to use products which states 'pH balanced' as it benefits your skin by protecting the layer of moisture being stripped off! Yay!

That's all I can think of... for now :)
I think that's the end for skin-care posts, however if you have any questions.. do leave a message!! I'll try my best to help, it not.. then.. boo! :(



  1. I have blackheads, but I also get dry skin on the areas where I have black heads so does that mean I have dry skin or normal? :)

  2. hmm never new that foaming cleansers were bad.. thanks for the tips ;)

  3. @Vintage Hello!! :D Well, you can just have dry skin and as a condition/disorder... blackheads! Boo! :( You can treat the area as dry skin and use [gentle peel] masks on the area!

    Yayy!! :D

  4. Thanks for the tips of the kinds of products you would use for different skin types! They helped alot!



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