09 March 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #2

Hello everyone!!! :D

Thank you for your sweet sweet comments on my previous post! Honest has made my day :)
About the double eyelid tapes, I'll review them sometime soon! Or maybe just ramble on.

As you know, I go markets with my mum on Saturday and Sunday. Waking up quite early :) Man.. I should really be doing my assessment HAHA Not blogging! But I can't help it :P I love blogging!

Anyways, this week, I only went on Sunday because I stood up SO late on Friday night so I was quite tired. This is what I've grabbed.

How do I wear this? :$

This blazer, I think is VERY decent. It has no tears or anything.
It's like from store but without a tag. I don't know its RRP, but I got it for $5!

And I've also got 2 x 3/4 sleeved V-neck shirts for $2/ shirt and another black and white sleeved short for $2 too! I don't have pics because they're going in the wash first!

So I grabbed a blazer and 3 sleeved shirts for $12! The lady gave me $1 off, so that totals $11!

Oh, how much more of a deal can I really ask for?
That's all for today! Have a good night!

Yours deerest,

P.S. Sigma is having quite a few interesting deals on their special deals page! Have you checked?


  1. Gorgeous Jacket love it x


  2. Awesome deal! What brand is the jacket?

    I really should go to some markets for cheapo clothings soon :D

    Cassie, ShimmerDreamz

  3. Omgosh I love your Dotti blazer! $5 is so cheap :D I should check out some markets one day


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