11 July 2012

Recent Product Launches for Australia

I've always loved reading launches posts from other bloggers (*ahem* Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries with her recent post 'New Foundations of 2012'), so feeling inspired, I thought.. why not compile one for my readers (and myself hehe)??!?!!?!?

These products have just been launched recently, but some products I've included have been launched some time this year, but I am still genuinely excited about em! :P

Some new Maybelline products that has already hit the shelves are up to showcase..

Maybelline Dream Nude AirFoam Foundation is an air-fused foundation, so basically dispenses out in a mousse texture, almost like a hair mousse! Pretty cool right? I've read Samantha's review on the product and it seems like a product worth checking out!

Available in 10 shades, $22.95

Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer is a clear, gel-based formula which is described to blur imperfections and creates a flawless base. I wonder if it's somewhat similar to the L'Oreal Base Magique Primer [that I really like]?

RRP $15.95

Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzing Powder.. Oooh! I'm actually looking for a bronzing powder! I've heard their Fit Me bronzer is very sheer, so I'm hoping this will be somewhat pigmented and will be available in both warm, cool and neutral undertones without the orangey hue!

Available in 2 shades, $15.95

Maybelline EyeStudio Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows! I'm pretty sure you've heard these enough from YouTubers and beauty bloggers from all around the world (mainly USA).. Well, they are now finally available in Australia (if you haven't caught up with the rave in the Aussie beauty blogging community)! Yippee! I'm not an eyeshadow user, but Bad To Bronze looks like a must-have! 

Available in 10 shades, $11.95

Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara
 has such a pretty purple packaging! It is described to have a unique patented Spoon Curler Brush (which allows lash lifting) with a volumising formula! 

Available in 2 shades, $19.25

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara promises visible lengthened lashes for a feminine and flirty look! Sounds like me!  

Available in 2 shades and a waterproof variant, $18.50

Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil allows you to create a statement brow with defined pencil tip which allows you full control for delicate feathering and on the other end, a brush end to even out everything if you're looking for a full and soft brow!  

Available in 3 shades, $11.50

Maybelline SuperStay 14HR Lip Colour........ helloooooooooooo there! I'm [somewhat] a big lipstick gal and this lipstick just looks so promising! I really enjoy using their ColorSensational range, so it's super exciting to see what shades are available for their SuperStay 14HR range! Click here for swatches.

Available in 12 shades, $18.95

Now onto other just-as-awesome brands!

Max Factor 24 False Lash Effect, I'm aware that Max Factor has already came out with a False Lash Effect Mascara, but now they have one which promises perfect-looking lashes that lasts up to 24 hours! What do you think?

RPP $24.95

Max Factor X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner features an elastic soft applicator that allows both precise thin lines and dramatic thick lines!

Available in 2 shades, $19.95

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation is Bourjois' latest foundation, containing '3 colour concealing pigments for a perfect complexion'. Yeap! With yellow pigments to counteract dark circles, purple pigments to brighten any's dull complexion and green to conceal redness!

Available in 5 shades, $32.00

Bourjois Correcting Concealing Stick is another new product by Bourjois! It's described to be 'non-greasy with a cream-like texture and correcting pigments that will suit any complexion'.

Available in 3 shades, $20.00

Australis 10 Hour Wear Eye Pencils! My favourite Aussie brand, Australis has just released their smokin' hot 10 Hour Wear Eye Pencils just last month! I wasn't so impressed with their regular eye pencils, so I'm hoping these will do a much, much better job!

Available in 3 shades, $9.95

Face Of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons was also released in June! It's a product I've been constantly researching about! Apparently they are dubbed as dupes of Clinique's Chubby Sticks with their moisturising and non-sticky formula!

Available in one pack of 3 shades, $14.95

A few other new surprises...

Real Technique Brushes by Samantha Chapman are now available in Australia at Priceline! I actually felt them today and they are soooo soft!

To double your excitement, Essence Cosmetics is also now available at Priceline!! Yipeee for those who don't live near a Target store! Here's a list of stores that Essence AU provided on their Facebook page.

That's all for now! I truly hope you enjoy new-products posts as much as I do! 

Which products are you looking forward to trying out the most?Are there any products you've already tried from the list?Let me know in the comments!

I hope you all enjoy launch posts as much as I do!! :)


  1. ohh yay for priceline stocking essence! everytime i go to target...thers nothing much left in the essence section and it's so bare...
    apparently the flared falsies isnt as good as the original but i guess it depends!

    1. Yeap!! Me too! I visited Essence once and there was only some ew stuff that people have opened left! Yikes! Unlike you, I've heard the Falsies Flared ain't good! So.. looking forward to other bloggers' reviews!! :P xx

  2. ooh! the Bourjois Correcting Concealing Stick looks pretty good, will check them out the next time I'm in priceline. After a week of using FOA Lip Crayons, I'm quite loving the colour of macaron! You should definitely get it!

    1. Aiya! Thank you for the recommendation! I really want to too! Let me know how you go with the Correcting Concealing Stick if you DO try it out!

  3. max factor waterproof eyeliner looks good!
    even though i havent tried much from maxfactor makeup, i get a good vibe based solely on that picture LOL
    im thinking of getting the FOA lip crayons but my lips are already pretty red normally so i dunno how well these colors will show up...
    and i still cant get over the price of those eye tattoos...i expected them to be around 15$+!

    1. I agree with you Linny, the Max Factor Waterproof Eyeliner looks great! Hahahhahahaha.. I get you though! Good vibes from a photo, hahaha! We so silly :P

  4. I love posts like these because I never know what's coming out. I'll definitely look into the Maybelline bronzer and the Maybelline mascaras. Everything else... I guess I'll wait and see. :) xx

    1. Me toooooo! I love launch posts!! I've swatched the bronzer at Big W and it seemed quite sheer, but if you like sheer, then check it out for yourself!

  5. I was sooo excited to see bourjois new foundation and Real Technique appealed in Priceline. But then I saw the price tag, the price is nearly a double from the US/UK :S probably will get them online though :P

    1. Me too... The Bourjois Foundation sounds amazing, doesn't it?!

  6. Thanks for this post!
    I haven't seen half of those things but I'll be on the look out!
    It sucks how Australia is always the last to get things that the US had MONTHS before!

    YAY for color tattoos!
    YAY for Real Techniques!
    YAY for Essence in Priceline.
    hehehe <3

    1. Thanks for reading Sheri!
      I get you.. but on the brighter side, they get to be the first test guinea pigs, which means there will be SO many reviews before they arrive here, so we know which products to avoid! :P Hehehe.. sneaky.

  7. Definitely most excited about the Real Techniques and Color Tattoos :) Rimmel has also came out with lip stains, "1000 Kisses Lip Tint"! I swatched them and the YSL Glossy Stains yesterday and I still see a slight tint of colour from the Rimmel while the YSL is completely gone. That being said the YSL had a more pigmented stain to begin with. They also had very similar colours :D

    1. Ooooooooooooooh! Thank you for letting me know! I didn't see anything like that from my local Rimmel stands! Sounds sooo interesting!!!! :)

  8. ...I'm totally stalking you now, lol :D
    I hope the primer and the mousse make-up will also (or maybe was already?) launch in my home country, I love their matte mousse make-up for a long time now, I bet these products are good!
    As for the color tattoo eyeshadows, I read a lot of negative reviews from other German bloggers so I wouldn't be too excited about that maybe :/ I loved your launch post! :)


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