12 July 2012

Maybelline SuperStay 14HR Lipstick Swatches

In my last post of 'Recent Product Launches for Australia', I've mentioned that I was excited to see the colour range available for Maybelline's SuperStay 14HR Lip Colours.. I wasn't even kidding!

I actually found myself hitting up my local Big W to check out their colour range soon after [composing]. There were 12 shades available at the price of $18.95 each.

Did I purchase any? Nope.


I have swatches to share!

Perpetual Peony, Ultimate Blush, Pout On Pink, Fuchsia Forever

Beige For Good, Never Ending Nude, Consistently Truffle
(middle three)

Keep Me Coral, Ravishing Rouge, Enduring Ruby, Till Mauve Do Us Part

The shades had different finishes (frosty, shimmery and satin) but they all felt pretty creamy [on my arm], so I might be looking into them once I finish some products I have at home (read: once I find them on sale or cheaper cas I'm a cheapass)!

I've already decided my favourites! Definitely Keep Me Coral and Ravishing Rouge, but all in all.. I wonder if they do last 14 hours as claimed?

What do you think?
Which are your favourite shades?


  1. pout on pink and keep me coral are super pretty!
    Defiantly going to wait until they are on sale/cheaper to get them too :P

  2. Thankyou for the swatches. The colours are gorgeous.

  3. Oh my god. THESE COLORS!! My favorites are the two you picked as favorites plus fuchsia forever and pout on pink. Because I just accidentally fell into the world of lipsticks, I only own one so I actually have a reason to buy these! YES! :D Thank you for the swatches :)

  4. oooouuuuchhh 18,95 EACH? lmao I'm way to cheap for that. ngl Especially since I believe you can find really good quality, inexpensive lipsticks! Swatch wise though, you did a lovely job and I really enjoy all the colours.. I think you could wear any of them!

  5. Great swatch photos! I love how Never Ending Nude and Keep Me Coral look. I haven't tried these yet but they sound pretty promising. $18.95 is way too much though! I can't believe they would mark up a drugstore item so much there in AU :/

  6. So excited to see this in your last post. Been waiting for these since I saw them in ItsJudyTime's video a long while back :)

  7. I like "Never Ending Nude" the most. But i want to know if the product live up to its 14hr claim to fame.

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  8. 19$??? I just got mine at target for 6.50$

  9. Priceline at the moment for $15au!


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