28 June 2012

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart Review & Swatches

I know I know! My review is superrrrr late! So sorry! I'm sure you've had enough of review posts of these lip butters, but it's my time to shine!!!!

I've purchased Sweet Tart along with Cotton Candy, Peach Parfait and Tutti Frutti yonks ago when they first arrived in Aussie here with their 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' deal at Priceline!

Sadly, the only shade I really do use is Sweet Tart... *super sad!*

I love love love the packaging! It's so pretty with the quilted pattern and I love how each categorized shade such as berries, reds, pinks and corals have their own different coloured packaging!

Getting to the point, Revlon's Lip Butters are generally best described as "the hybrid of a lipstick and lip balm", in which today's Sweet Tart is all about. 

Sweet Tart is a really nice poppy pink on the lips, with a glossy finish, faking healthy plump lips! I thought it'd apply more sheer as a tint and the shade would be more subtle, but the formula itself is quite pigmented and buildable with a buttery texture. Keep in mind that these lip butters should always be stored in a cool environment to avoid.. breaking melted balms and smeared tubes..

It glides on without grip and doesn't drag -- almost like a lip balm! Although it's very moisturising, I love that it has very little slip, which is a plus for me! I honestly cannot stand lip products that will feel like they can smear any minute! 

All in all, I really love the texture, pigmentation and how moisturising the formula is, but on the downers..

The wear time is very average. On my lips, Sweet Tart can last  up to 2.5 hours before it starts to go off, but with the pretty packaging, I'm actually more than happy to whip it out and re-apply! However, it fades from the inner [for me], so if I don't take good notice, it'll almost look like a bad lip lining job!

That's not all though!

These lip butters are pretty damn expensive over here in Aussie.. we're talking about $21.95 a pop! Holy golly..

Anyhows, swatch time (read: camwhore time! hehe)


I'm actually not too sure why Sweet Tart is so cool-toned on me, but.. ya. :/

Anyhows, because it's a tad pricey, I'll only be at these Lip Butter stands if there's a really good deal!

What are YOUR favourite Lip Butter shades?!!?

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters retails for $21.95 at Big W, Target, K-Mart, Priceline and other Big W stockists. 


  1. I heard of them being $21 in Australia! :/

    In Canada it's $10 and I don't really grab one until they got for a bit lower. (I eventually got mine for $5.49!) But damn that's really expensive.

    I got the Berry Smoothie that's a really natural lip colour with glitter. I prob would wanna try this colour next if it goes on sale again! :D

    1. Ooo!! $10?! Yes! Waiting for great sales seems to be a good idea!! :) Try this colour next time!! It would look great on anyone! :) x

  2. even in the philippines it is expensive too. but i agree with you about this lipstick being super super pretty in shade <3

    1. I think it may be expensive everywhere except in the US!

  3. I also grabbed them when it was BOGOF, I cannot justify buying them at the ridiculous price in Aussie! I think Sweet Tart looks nice on you :)

  4. Sweet tart is my favourite too! I bought mine off ebay after seeing a billion swatches hehe

    1. Oooo! I'd love to see it on you! Must look gorgz! :P I'd like to purchase some more off eBay too, but I'm so scared that some shades might be glittery and shimmery! Sometimes, swatches just don't show the shimmers and glitters.. :(

  5. :( Yeah the Australian pricing is ridiculous. The colour is really pretty and opaque though!

    1. Yes! Seriously.. when they first came out, my face was like O_O? $21.95? Errrrrrr! But the shades they have are quite pretty!

  6. Sweet Tart looks so pretty on you Tram! I just bought one of the Revlon Lip Butters the other day and it was either Sweet Tart or Cheery Tart lol. I ended up purchasing Cherry Tart and I adore the shade!

  7. really loving this bright pink color! i have a few lip butter shades already, but this one might be a good one to add to my collection ;) i would have to say my favorite so far is the peach parfait, perfect for spring/summer! :)

    xoxo <3

  8. Great blog!

    love reading up on beauty products. I really like the lip butters. Can't believe they are that expensive in Australia! Wow!

  9. nice blog and i do agree with you :D This shade is so pretty! :D xD


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