19 June 2012

Australis Clearance: $3? I'll take em all. Thanks!

So.. a few days ago I picked up a few Moisture Intense Lipsticks by Australis, from Priceline's clearance box and if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you'd see me post a lot about em on those social platforms!

They were sitting there with a sign which says "$3 each item".. dirt cheap!

At first, I wasn't interested since there were only a few shades and no testers (clearance also need testers ok? LOL) so I had no idea what the shades would look like. So then I went home and googled the shade names 'Saigon' and ended up on RedLuciousLips. The lippie looked sooooooo good on her, so I took her words for it and went ahead and picked up all the shades that were there.

Mystery, Merlot, Sugar Plum, Saigon

I made a purchase of 8 lipsticks in total, 4 of them in 'Saigon' which is a beautiful red and the rest on a few different shades called Mystery (2), Sugar Plum and Merlot.

I won't be reviewing them since I've only had them for three days now, but I'd be giving a brief overall impression!

These Moisture Intense Lipsticks vary in pigmentation and finish, which reminds me alot of the Revlon Lip Butters, but generally less slippery and more creamy in texture. They're also very moisturising!

Time for swatches!

Saigon is a beautiful red! My favourite out of the bunch! It applied so much brighter and is super glossy!

Sugar Plum is probably my least favourite. It's quite frosty and reminds me much of my Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. That same (or more) amount of shimmers that can fake a gloss, but the base colour is kind of like a muddy brown-red, which ages me alot.. *-* 


Merlot, I can't really describe the shade. You can see for yourself! :P I think it looks a bit 'vampy' on my lips, but I quite like it!

Mystery, I thought would be more of like a nudy-brown, but it looks sooo muddy on my lips and skin-tone! It's like I just smeared a sheer coat of chocolate over my lips LOL.. pretty ew, to be honest. Would suit deeper skin tones, maybe! Decently pigmented with a glossy finish.

Actually looks much more muddy in life!

Here are some more swatches!


And that's all! There are more shades, but these are the only ones left around my area.. so ya :( 

Hope you found the post helpful! Let me know if you'll be searching for any at your locals, or have you already purchased some? :)


  1. Despite being "muddy" they all look pretty good on you :)
    Hehe I picked up a cheek and lip tint and a "limited edition 1" lipstick from the Australis box.
    I'm thinking of going back and picking up some more cuz $3 is just too good to pass up

    1. Loooooool! Thanks Sheri! Limited Edition 1, the orange one right? Or the purple one?! :P I've been curious about the cheek & lip tints too!!!

  2. Love the swatches, they all look great on you!
    For $3 I would have picked up a handful as well!

    Sharleena xx

    1. Aww! :') Thanks Sharleena! You should check em out at Priceline too! ^_^

  3. Tram you're so pretty!!!
    I'm tempted to go out and buy these too now hahaha! Lovely colours.

    1. You should Sue!!! Hahahah! There might be more shades near you!! :) Thanks bebe x

  4. All the colours look very pretty on you. For $3, these lipsticks are such a bargain!!


  5. Merlot and Saigon are definitely my favourites!! I do agree, anything frost = no and anything brown = no. I love the others though! If I see them I shall have to pick them up. xx

    PS. You look so pretty in your pictures!! xx

    www.teganiasthoughts.blogspot.com xx

    1. Omg! Glad you think the same!! No to frosties and browns! Yikes! Maybe for others though! Thanks Tegan :P x

  6. You look great with vamp and red lips! I definitely agree with the parfait one though. And for $3 you can't really go wrong though! They're lovely colours and look quite moisturizing!


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