24 June 2012

Dream Analysis/Dictionaries

Hi y'all! A bit non-beauty related today, but I just wanted to share with you what I've been up to. A bit personal, but I think the topic itself is pretty interesting since I'd like to hear about what you do too!

So I've been having heaps of weird (very weird!) dreams lately and to briefly share one with ya..
Just a few nights ago, I had a dream of me protecting a crowd of people inside an old village house. We were surrounded by some of my highschool friends (loool!). I managed to use a bamboo stick and killed him...... <insert very gore-y and disgusting details of how I killed him>.

..and of course, sometimes a few dreams here and there of Mr. Channing Tatum and Big Bang. Shhh.. Moving on..

What I actually do when I wake up is.. straight away jot down the keywords on my phone's notepad, so I don't forget.

I feel like a freaking psycho/serial killer with a notepad that says all these strange words!

After that, whenever I have time during the day, I jump onto DreamMoods which is a great website for learning more about common types of dreams. What's cool is that they also have a Dream Dictionary which helps to gather together the meaning of your dream(s). Heh. So I'd just go through all the keywords and gather together all the information and analysis provided.. Here we are!

(edited and cropped, not full definitions)

I can't say I'm a big believer in these dream analysis, but holy cow they're interesting! Also very entertaining and sometimes, reminds and hints me to evaluate what's happening right now in my own life!

Does anyone else analyse their dreams? :P


  1. I usually analyze my dreams when I have really confusing ones, I hate it when I have dreams where I'm trying to run or fly but instead I am lagging :(


    1. Oh yeah! Running dreams! ^_^ Never had flying ones though :P x

  2. I had a similar dream a few weeks ago, SOOO VIVID, but the main thing is this madman was trying to get through my door and kill me and then my boyfriend came and protected me and then at the last moment when the madman was about to kill my bf i stuck my hand in the way (yes my hand LMFAO) and he ended up stabbing my hand instead and i saved my bf. LMFAO SO RANDOM but I also looked it up!! crazy right!

    1. LMAO! Omgah Sue, you're such a hero!! Did you tell your boyfriend about it after and make him thank you for saving him? :P Hahahhaa!! xx

  3. Keeping a dream dictionary sounds like an interesting idea. I have weird dreams sometimes and wonder what they could mean as well. Problem is I end up forgetting what I dreamed about shortly after I wake up :P

    1. Aw yeah!! That happens all the time for me! :P I say "Ok.. will remember" but ends up forgetting later! Keep keywords in your notepad Rinny!


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