09 February 2015

Mani-Monday: Bold Sangria

Hola mi amigas~

Sorry for the MIA in the past week -- been extremely busy. And for the first time, it ain't a cover-up lie.. lol.

Who'd like a cuppa sangria though?

I've purchased this nail polish from the markets some time ago~ My mum is going to Vietnam soon, so I need to get my swatch on, to work out which nail polishes I should send back home for the [street] manicurist-Aunties who make a living off such a job. Adding to that, with barely any nice [and trendy] nail polish colours..


I haven't been wearing nail polishes (because of work, and I'm lazy), but whenever I see a dark shade sold at the markets, I always pick at it.

I've been into darker nails. Suddenly a bit sick of the usual muted pinks, corals and reds, so I guess hence the shift of interest~

Bold Sangria ($16.95) is such a nice colour though~ I don't think I'd let this one go. The formula is also quite smooth, glossy and pigmented. I really like it on my nails!

Reminds me a lot of Ursula by Face Of Australia, but side-by-side, this is more warm-toned! In my photos, the colour also looks almost-black, but in real life, you can definitely see the purple!

Pretty, huh?

Anyways, I shall get swatching so I can declutter my nail stash ASAP!

Have a happy Monday everyone!

Jokes. We all know "happy" and "Monday" don't really fit into a sentence together~ Hehe.


  1. This is such a gorgeous colour. I love deep reds and purples :)

  2. I think thats a really nice shade. I could certainly pick the purple ; 0
    I have a giveaway you may be interested in.
    Renee x

  3. Wow this is a gorgeous shade! I love colors like this! x


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