06 March 2013

A slice of life -- On first week of uni, free condoms, yummy food.

On first week of uni.
I'm seriously the most clueless person on campus right now. I have no idea how things work and where all these study blocks are.. Grr. I study three days a week so in a nutshell, here's how I went for the three days for the first week:
  • Day 1: Attended uni for a one hour lecture. Went home. Yay! 
  • Day 2: Met some very cute, fun and bubbly friends. However! I sat in the wrong tutorial for 15 minutes. The teacher actually told us the tutorial's subject, but I just assumed she was at mistake. Felt suss about it. Checked my timetable. Wrong room. Spent 5 minutes trying to figure how I'd leave the room without embarrassing myself. Left successfully! Oh god, let's hope that'll never happen again. FML. 
  • Day 3: Sister and I attended lecture. Sat down. Turned on phone. Played Candy Crush Saga. Passed the stage I was stuck on (yay!). Sister mumbled something to me about "lecture". Didn't care and just told her "Ya he's coming soon. It's ok". She sat there quietly. Lecturer came in. I looked up and the slideshow said "Accounting". Woops. Wrong lecture! Left as quietly as we could. As we were exiting, he said "Just letting you know.. You DON'T have to be here". FML. 

On free condoms.
So they were giving out freebies around campus. Of course, being the Asian I am, I went around campus grabbing whatever I can from snacks to poster planners. I've also approached this guy asking for whatever he's holding and he handed it over, he gave me a surprised face. Didn't care to check what it is, chucked it in my bag... Turns out to be a condom. Oh.. BRB. Let me just dig my head into a hole and die. 
Oh, kudos to Angela forthe giggles by asking for a review on this LOL.

On #FakeUpAus.
Even though I blog quite often, I only attend to events once in a blue moon. My last event which wasn't too long ago was at Benefit's store on Oxford St, Sydney. Let me just say.. it was the BEST beauty event! I really loved that instead of having the *usual* small speeches, they've actually organised a creative, funny skitz show!
It was truly a wonderful event with some of the most friendliest staff and the yummiest food!

On the yummies.
I've been munching. Alot. Again. My belly is getting bigger and bigger as days go! I really need to do something about this... when I feel less lazy. Meep. Warning: Following photos may make you hungry. 

Crispy Chicken with Tomato Rice, Something with Eel, Something with Pork/Chicken (Seoulria)

Five-spice caramel pork and wintermelon soup for dinz!

Laos Papaya Salad (yum!), BBQ Ox Tongue (super yum!), Crunchy Fried Rice (quite crunchy!)

On the meeps. 
Things have not been going good at home! I've been having arguments with sister and one of the loveliest person I've met just told me she's moving overseas................. CRY. Just wanted to show you a photo of my double eyelids after crying.

Yeap. After cries, my eyes just puffs up. Oh. And my face too!

I'd love to have natural double eyelids though.... without the crying.

On the giggles.
Fail guru. LOL. Jk,. It's pretty funny though!

In the perfect world:

LOL. Ok. That's all for today's slice of life guys! I hope this week will be a GREAT week for you all! 

Tram x


  1. Haha this was a hilarious post Tram!
    Oh god, knowing me, I'll probably do the same thing you did on first day of Uni... Go to the wrong lecture and get free condoms. Just what everyone needs ;)

  2. Omg you're funny! Being in the wrong tutorial and lecture hahaha. You'll get used to uni life soon! During O-week my cousin told me to get free highlighters from one of the stands so I walked up and all I saw were two bowls filled with condoms and I just went "wtf".


  3. It's okay to get lost, you're
    new! Haha love the freebies
    and the condom packaging has
    a nice design :')

  4. Hilarious! I think i died reading this post! hahahaha
    Amazingly funny post!
    x Sakura

  5. Is it your first year at uni this year? It's mine too! So many of my friends also went to the wrong lectures, haha, it's okay. And oh man, the food looks so daaaamn good! Seriously, I couldn't look at them for too long because my stomach was almost growling.

    I hope you feel better soon. xx



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