04 March 2013

Some Outstanding Sales (04 Mar 13): Woolworths, Kmart, Priceline

Hey! Late SOS post this fortnight as catalogues came out 5 days ago, methinks. I wasn't going to post one at all because there were only a few exciting sales, but here I am! Punching holes in your pockets again as I've stumbled across some "hidden" beauty sales.

1. WOOLWORTHS: I've actually stumbled across quite a few beauty sales at Woolies. I think these products are on clearance! I've taken photos instead of listing them out hehe! :P

There were also other shades of these reduced products.

2. KMART: If you've missed snagging those Maybelline's Total Clean Express Eye/Lip Make-Up Remover for $1.82 in the last sales, don't fret! There's a $5 OFF Maybelline products NOW so those are now $1.80 again! Of course, if you're into the Vivids, then now is also a good time. Ends 20 March 2013. <--- Thanks Nhi for the heads up!

3. KMART: Australis Nail Colours for $4! If you're still up for their NEW glitter polishes (swatches here), then now's the best time to grab them. Ends 20 March 2013.

4. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Rimmel London Kate Moss MATTE Lipsticks $7.99 (35% off) -- swatches hereEnds 17 March 2013.

5. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Rimmel London GWP for purchases more than $20 -- great if you're looking to pick up 3 (or more) of the Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks! Ends 17 March 2013.

6. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure $8.99 -- cheaper than Introductory Offers at Priceline. Ends 17 March 2013.

7. PRICELINE: Introductory offer on Revlon's Suede Lipsticks $20.76 (save $6)Ends 11 March 2013.

8. PRICELINE: 3 for 2 on Face Of Australia products. Ends 11 March 2013.

9. PRICELINE: Any 2 products for $30 on Almay! Ends 11 March 2013.

10. PRICELINE: Australis' [Liquid] Foundations, Lipsticks and Eyeshadows $10 each. Ends 11 March 2013.

11. PRICELINE: 3 for 2 on L'Oreal Paris products. Great sale if you're keen on L'Oreal's new Carresse Shine Stains (swatches here), BB Powder, CC Cream and/or BB Blush. Ends 11 March 2013.

That's all babies! Yes. I like to punch holes in your pockets, ok? :P

Where will you be heading, and what products will you be picking up? 

I'm probably gonna head to Kmart to hoard home more $1.80 Maybelline Total Clean Express Eye/Lip Remover! Hahaha! And some nail polishes by Australis :P


  1. Aww I feel so honoured!! You mentioned me in your post :) I love Woolies and Coles because sometimes they have "quick sale" or "clearance sale" which are always good!


  2. Holy crap the sales at Woolworths is such a bargain! Do you think it is all Woolies or just the one you were at (because it is a Reduced item)? I might get some of the Maybelling makeup remover as it is such a great buy :)

    1. I'm pretty sure the sales goes to all Woolies [if stock are still available) :D

  3. Wow, those Woolies deals are wonderful!!! Thank you!


    Oh Tram, how you affect our wallets so :3

    1. Oh, I'm a horrible person.. LOL, but you know you wanna!

  5. AHHHH....love these SOS posts!!! You are such an enabler Tram xxx

  6. Wow many really prices. Your blog is really interesting nowI´m following you i hope your follow me back....



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