06 June 2016


If you're from Sydney or any NSW region that has been flooding for the past two days, I hope that  you, your fam, pets and home are safe!

We've been struck with some extremely heavy rain for the past two days, the map of Australia suddenly looked like this overnight:

It's so strange that all the streets located only five to ten minutes away from me are all flooded, with some cars lookin' like they're sinking into the earth... lol. But either way, stay safe my beautifools!

On another note, Monday's my break day, so that's blogging day hey!

Thank Buddha the weather has cleared up today. There's some sun, meaning there's some light, which also means that I could capture the beauty of today's polish feature!

This shade, Kiss Me At Twilight ($4.95), is the only metallic-like shade out of the collection of six, I think! So far, I've swatched Snuggle Me, but its finish was nothing like this!

This particular shade photographs SOOOOOOOOOO well. It looks freakin' perfect on my nails -- glossy and all. I THINK it's the slight metallic finish it has. Adds such an oomph to the colour!

Of course, in saying so, it also looks great on the nails! Try it! No regretsssss.

Wish I could wear it out, but I work too often to be wearing any nail polishes. My cuticles are also starting to wear. Fingers (lol, pun) crossed that they won't get any worse, so I can still swatch many nail lacquers to share with y'all..

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review consideration only. 


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