05 March 2017

NEW ON COUNTER (MAR 2017): NATIO, NYX, Australis, Rimmel London, Revlon, Tom Ford, Bourjois, Sally Hansen, Jane Iredale

Third month into the new year (I shall remind you this every month), I hope we're all proud of what we've achieved with so far.

But even if you haven't yet achieved anything, don't stress it. Life is short. Just have fun while you can!

Quick peek of all the fun (and not very fun) I've been gettin' down to this month:

Hiked to Kelly's Fall -- Tough hike, but well worth it. Highly recommend it, hehe.

VTINES -- Valentines this year was a hit. Lunch date, aquarium and then dinner. I woo'd him with my card. It listed "6 reasons why you should be my Valentine (or ask me to be yours)". One of the reasons was: Because I'm a 9/10 and you're a 1/10. Therefore, together, we'd make a 10/10!

Call me a love guru. #howtopickupguys

③ Roamed around Spice Alley with bae. It was like Sydney's secret food market! How were we never informed?!

④ Received this doggo plush for Valentines (plz don't laugh, there was actually a really cute reason for it), but who knew that a week later, I would've got a REAL dog?!?!?! Can't wait to show him to you!

❶ NATIO Double-Ended Contour Brush ($17.95)
I always say.... "if you wanna be laid forever, be a double-ended make-up brush"... lmao. The struggles to store these..

❷ NATIO Double-Ended Eyeshadow Brush ($13.95)

❸ NATIO Face & Eye Palettes ($19.95/2 palettes)
These palettes are limited edition. Furthermore, 'Glow' is supposed to help with warming up your complexion whereas 'Illuminate' is supposed to brighten.

❹ NATIO Limited Edition Lip Colours ($14.95/2 shades)
New shades. TWO new shades... Limited Edition.

❺ BOURJOIS Brow Duo Sculpt ($20/3 shades)
A dual-ended brow pencil. Yeap, you've guessed it! One end for highlighting, the other to fill in the brows.

❻ BOURJOIS Palette Les Nudes ($28)
Eyeshadow palette with 8 different nude shades (actually not sure how 'purple' made it as a 'nude shade'). Has a 'melting cream powder formula'.

❼ BOURJOIS Volume Reveal ($23)
Offers volume.

❽ NYX Beauty School Dropout 101 Palettes ($12)
Limited edition palettes featuring 6 shades each. Available in 'Smokey' and 'Nude'.

❾ ESSANO Micellar Soothing Sensitive Wipes ($8.99/20pk)
In simple terms: it is what it is.

❿ RIMMEL LONDON Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Liner ($13.95)
Intense, long-lasting and waterproof. Formulated with rich black pigments, but apparently also has a glossy finish. I don't know anyone ever who wants their liner to be glossy. Do you?

⓫ RIMMEL LONDON Brow This Way with Argan Oil ($12.95/4 shades)
Their glam'd up Brow This Way, but with argan oil to condition and soften yo brows.

⓬ SALLY HANSEN Color Therapy Nail Products 

  • Nail & Cuticle Oil ($16.95)
  • Nail Polish ($16.95/14 shades)
  • Top Coat ($16.95)

⓭ REVLON Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours ($24.95/15 shades)
Ultra-hydrating gel formulated lip colours.

⓮ JANE IREDALE Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner ($50/4 shades)
A smooth, creamy, blendable, buildable, richly pigmented and long-wearing eyeliner. Includes a brush at the top, great for when you're on-the-go.

⓯ TOM FORD Shade and Illuminate Cheeks ($125/2 combinations)
A blush duo of highlighting and shading creams.

⓰ TOM FORD Shade and Illuminate Lips ($90/6 combinations)
A lip duo with a light and dark shade which can be used to create an ombre effect.
AUSTRALIS Velourlips Metallic Lipcolours ($10.49/4 NEW shades)
I'm sure you've heard lots about these! Reminds me a lot of a few Colourpop metallic shades that my sister owns!

AUSTRALIS Liquid Strobe Illuminating Drops ($19.95/2 shades)
Basically, illuminating drops to be added to your foundation or as a liquid highlighter.

So many great products, so little money. Ahhh...

Hope you've found the post helpful. Gotta jet!

Speak soon!!


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