21 March 2017

Priceline 40% OFF: Hits & Tips

Sale alert! Sale alert!

Priceline is hitting back with their 40% sale on their cosmetics this Wednesday and Thursday!

I've been into make-up for yonks now, so this sale is nothing new. I probably will skip this sale, but hey! That doesn't stop me from posting about my hits and misses, so take note!


AUSTRALIS Ready Set Go Finishing Powder ($13.95)
Forever my favourite translucent powder. I've mentioned it over and over again, but it's the best powder to set your make-up. Merges all layers of make-up into one, and makes everything feels like skin! Just don't go heavy-handed on this, coz the flash-back is real.

❷ FACE OF AUSTRALIA Translucent Loose Powder ($11.95)
Amazing, amazing powder to bake with. Cheap and efficient. No flashbacks guaranteed.

❸ MAYBELLINE Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara ($21.95)
I've only just started using this mascara, but happy to report that there are no disappointments so far! Separates nicely, holds curls and decently lengthens! Not to mention, that it seems pretty waterproof to me. A customer at the cafe made me tear up (what a meanie!) and I wiped my eyes forgetting that I had mascara on.... NO smudges! Yay!!!

❹ FACE OF AUSTRALIA Glamazon Contour Kit ($9.95)
This is a must-have! The bronzer is just right, and the highlighter is so soft, buttery and the finish is bomb. Trust! 

❺ RIMMEL LONDON Magnifi'Eyes Double Ended Shadow & Liner ($16.95)
I suck at applying eyeshadows so this is my go-to base. Works as a cream base, or lasts well as an eyeshadow itself. I find that this particular duo in Rose Gold & Brown works really well for me! The 'rose gold' works as a warming base, and the cool-toned brown, when used alone, brings out my eye-colour well. I'd never use it as a 'liner' though cause it's definitely not made for precision. 

❻ TOUCH IN SOL Flawless Skin Top Coat ($30-$40)
Low-key Korean brand at Priceline. This foundation is a tad more exxy than my usual go-to's, but the coverage and lasting power is really decent!

❼ MODELS PREFER Infinite Colour Lipstick ($11.99)
If you can still find these, GET EM'! I can't rave about these enough. These are so bomb. Better than what mainstream brands (ahem, Rimmel, Maybelline, L'Oreal, etc) could come up with. The range is matte, and the lasts so much longer than most lippies made available at Priceline. So much more affordable as well!

❽ MAX FACTOR Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation ($36.95)
Use this with a damp beauty blender and I promise you... you cannot find medium-full coverage that looks anymore natural than this. I promise!

❾ RIMMEL LONDON Wake Me Up Foundation ($19.95)
Another really decent foundation. Decent lasting power, medium coverage and extremely natural finish!


Most make-up brands include accessories and tools in their range, so these are included in the sale as well. Therefore, don't forget to snag:
  • Sharpeners -- Maybelline, Australis, Face Of Australia
  • Make-up removers -- Maybelline, Australis, Face Of Australia
  • Nail Polish removers -- Maybelline, Australis, Face Of Australia
  • Nail Lacquers -- essie, Sally Hansen, OPI
  • Lip Balms -- Maybelline

I wanted to post about products that I'd suggest you to skip as well... but.... no time! Forgive me senorita.

Hope y'all have a blast shopping the 40% sale tomorrow!


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  1. I will be definitely picking up that Maybelline mascara next time! I love Maybelline mascaras and haven't tried a new one in awhile. Thanks for sharing!

    Nhi Archibald | Life with Nhi Archibald


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