28 May 2011

How to: Turn your useless fan brush into a brush!

Look at that fan brush that you're suppose to be using, but you ain't. Bring it to some use...

The use of a fan brush is to sweep away fall outs under your eyes after your eye-make up routine and this isn't what most people include in their routine. I personally don't use it, just because I don't ever deal with messy products such as shimmers or glitters, however, some people DO.

So this short tutorial or tip is gonna show those who don't bring their fan brushes to use, a way to bring it to use. Am I giving you a headspin? LOL.

Well anyways, let's start.

You'll need:
  • A fan brush [that you don't use]
  • Sticky tape

1. Take a piece of tape and wrap the non-sticky side around the ferrule. You are NOT trying to stick the tape ONTO the brush. Wrap the piece of tape till it fits nicely onto the brush like the image below.

Depending on what you want the brush to be like, you will shape it differently. But here is how I will shape my tape...

2. When you're finally happy with the shape (since it took a long time for me to fiddle with and I have nails =_=!")... slide the tape up so it guards around the bristles. This idea was actually taken from KlaireDeLysArts' home-made brush guard video!

3. Until you're happy with what's left.... take a piece of tape and match it with the sticky sided, just so you can properly seal it. (image below)

Ta-daaaaa! Here's my brush:

For me, I could use it for patting powder under my eyes OR applying concealer OR blending eyeshadows (if I made the head of the brush smaller).

Adjust is the key. I hope you enjoyed this tip!

Yours deerest,


  1. Hey, this is actually really clever. :D Will definitely try if I ever have the op. Thanks for sharing! ^^

  2. Ingenious!! Thank you for sharing this with us! :D

  3. This is so cool! I don't actually have a fan brush :)

  4. Ohhh, really nice tip! Love it! ♥
    I'm a new follower, love your blog! :D


  5. Haha, how smart is that! Thanks for sharing this tip.

  6. Wow, what a genius idea! I always thought fan brushes to be completely uselss too LOL! Thanks for sharing this (:

  7. great idea! I saw that same vid actually. I do use my fan brush (sometimes) to apply highlighter and to brush off fall out but this is a great idea xx

  8. Haha, I have several fan brushes that have come along with kits that I find useless too because I too never deal with glittery/messy products ! Clever tip although it's a little unfortunate looking :-P

  9. Haha this is a great post :D Thanks for sharing! I think fan brushes are kinda useless too; this tape idea will def put them to more use!

  10. what happens when you have to wash it? :x

  11. No worries everyone! xxxx

    @mookxi AHAHAHAH little unfortunate looking :P Kekkekeke Yap true

    @a You can just wash the bit you use OR you can unwrap the tape and wash it as a fan brush :) And tape it again :] Only takes a less than 2mins to tape it ^-^ X



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