22 May 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #6

As another weekend passes by in a blink! Here are the items I got at Preston's markets. I have been going to Sydney Markets very late, just because Mummaphan has work till 12. So by the time we get there, it's already 1... the time people starts packin' and we have been buying boxes of vegetables for $1 which is heaps cheap!

Anyways, stuff I got over this weekend:

This ring, I got for 50cents from these lovely girls who were selling again today!
And I love them girls! They are so nice :)
However, this ring is round, not flat.. so when wearing, it gets little uncomfortable.

I also picked up these two Mary Kay lippies for $7 each. One for me, one for my mum.

Paradise pink is obviously for me, because I love my pink and Mumma picked Frosted Rose.

I also bought a grey beanie by Forever New for $4 which isn't here with me at the moment ;( But that's all for the week (yes! very less!) and I shall talk to you galz soon!

EDIT: Forgot to include items I didn't mention last week!

There was a lady selling NYX lippies for $1 and I was surprised and excited to see a bunch of them! But she only had in Helio :( Which is a frosty white... Argh~
I picked up one anyways :P

Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip liner for $2 is definitely going in my make-up kit for clients.
Red is definitely a no-no for me :(

Yours deerest,


  1. That's a cute ring! How are the MK lippies?
    I really enjoy these posts (:

  2. Great deals you got! The MK lippies are really pretty :)

  3. hi thank you for liking my minty doted lace nails :)

    I like the ring ❤ and the lipstick colors , great taste!
    why is red a no no for you? I'm sure if you find the right red , that will suit you.



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