07 May 2011

April Favourites 2011

I'm 7 days late, but here's my April faves :) I've been using these products so often the whole previous month and I think I'm gonna stick to the similar products for this whole month too!

Anyways, here are the products...

RIMMEL LONDON Glam' Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara
I've always loved the Glam Eyes mascaras and this is one promises volume and lift. It's been way too long ever since I used my original Glam' Eyes so I can't tell you if it does extra.
However, I loveeee this mascara!! I love the mascara wand as I could control the volume and length. The bristles comes in two different lengths and I love using this for my lower lashes because sometimes I like them to look volumized but not too lengthy or vice versa.

I'm sorry but I don't have photos of the bristles!! Till I review it... Yap.

AUSTRALIS Color Inject Mineral Lipstick in MAMBO
This lipstick has been in a corner for a while because my dry and flaky lips has been a problem all this time! Ever since I've been on Roaccutane!! So I never wore lipsticks, however lately, I've been wearign this shade more and more. It's a darker pink with a cool-undertone so therefore, it does make my teeth appear more yellow but nonetheless I still love it. The fact that it's a wearable-everyday nudy pink makes me happy because I really don't like my lips!! So I believe this hides it really well :)

Here are some swatches for you lovelies. Mwa.

BLISTEX Lip Conditioner SPF15
I don't enjoy using jarred-products, but I can't deny that I do find them to be the best of all! Jarred products itself is usually more medicated, in my opinion, so therefore I really think it works better!
Now.. I LOVE this lip balm and it has always been my favourite ever since my dry and flaky lips has freaking bugged me. This stuff is great and I recommend it for dry/flaky lips.
I know, you can get this in a lip-balm form and a lip-tube too, but this jar works best [for me] as it glides on easier than the chapstick form and isn't as waterty as the tube-product... if you get what I mean.

BIOGLO Omega3 Serum
This serum was a gift from a girlfriend of mine and I never used it. It always sat in the corner because I never knew its use. However! Lately I've been using it, and it I think it works GREAT for my dehydrated skin. I could definitely see dramatic changes on my forehead and the feel after applying this... GODLY. No.. but seriously, this serum promises to help dehydrated skin and also ehances my make-up staying power... so pretty much like a primer. I don't know about my make-up staying on longer but I DO think this creates a very smooth canvas for my foundation to come on! So I love!

AUSTRALIS Ready Set Go Finishing Powder
I always loved this stuff!!! It doesn't give me a white cast and I set my foundation with it even though I don't have oily skin. But I know it has once worked great for me when I had super oily skin... Gahhh! Those were the days... But now! I used to have it as a sample and I can't deny that the pigment jar they gave me was better than the original -- PACKAGING WISE. The packaging of this original is SO SO disappointing! The dispensing holes are SO large that the powder falls through SO easily, so everytime I open it, some powder will automatically be wasted.. either within the air or the surface of my table. Zzz There must be something you could do about this, Australis.

Loving the black cake eyeliner since it's so new to me that this product is water-activated. So you'll dip your brush into the water and then into the liner and then apply it. Quite cool as I never had a cake eyeliner and also, the fact that this comes on as a matte black and has an average long lasting and smudge-free formula! :)
Sorry galz but I don't know what brand this is.. it only says Essential Guide to Beauty and at the bottom says 'Eaglemoss' which I'm not sure if it's a place or manufacturer name LOL!!! Products from the markets ftw!

GLOSS Professional Foundation Brush
I love this little cute foundation brush. Everything about it. It's soft and easy to work with! The good thing that it's smaller so it can get around my nose easily, however, that means it'll take longer for me to finish my foundation routine... I don't mind though ;) One thing I need to tell you is... this brush is heaps better than the BYS brushes in quality and presentation. Zzz...

Thanks for reading and that's the end of my April Faves! :) Link me yours xxxx

Yours deerest,


  1. I honestly like lip balms in pots too since I also think they are more concentrated and medicated. Nice picks. :P

  2. AUSTRALIS Color Inject Mineral Lipstick is GORGEOUS! Great picks


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