21 May 2011

Introduction to Showface

I'm sure almost all of Sydney make-up freaks has never heard of Showface before and it's a shame because they sell the most amazing eyeshadows!

Getting to it, Showface is a Sydney-store located at The Rocks and they stock a variety of make-up brands which you will struggle to find in regular stores such as Priceline or Myers, or even DJs.

They stock a variety of Kryolan products including their special-stage make up such as blood-products and tear lipsticks [for acting performances]; Temptu specialising in air-brushing make up (yes! The make-up sprays that you see professional make-up artists using!); La Femme which is a brand very rarely seen around in Australia (the brand I heard NP repackages from or shares the same manufacture with); Paris Berlin Masquillage Pro.; Masquerade and a bunch of other brands which includes their very own line, Showface.

Showface started off selling make-up to professional make-up artists ONLY, however, their products are now free-for-all to buy and they have, must I say, extremely pigmented eyeshadows! To be honest, the pigmentation they sell in store differs so much to the ones we have in our kit... Boo!

A closer look:

What I found cute was that they also had the single eyeshadow packaging.. similar to MAC!

Swatches of my two favourite colours!

Isn't it amazing?

The store also sold make-up books by Rae Morris and Kevyn Aucoin!

The store owner's husband who specializes in the special effects make-up section told us that Rae Morris actually worked at the store, teaching here before she got famous for her make-up artistry and they couldn't afford her anymore... Ah... I'm inspired +_+"

Here's a make-up look that she did and earned herself big bucks (I think he said $15,000).

Here's the Temptu shelf with all their tiny bottles for airbrushing:

Paris Berlin and their lash collection! Grrr I want all!

I'd love to own the bottom one. It looks so pretty! I can't imagine what it'll look like on person!! :D

To be honest.. the glitter eyeliners look like something we could grab from the Asian stores.. They were definitely not that appealing.. to me. But never judge a book by its cover, I guess! :3

Here are lipsticks by Bodyography [I believe]:

And here are the Kryolan lippies!

The interesting colours are located on the second rack which I don't know if you could see, but there's a blue and a gold which I find quite interesting!!

My friend grabbed the gold lippie for our 'Catwalk' photoshoot which is part of our assessment at TAFE, so I decided to take a few pictures for you galz!

I think she absolutely pulls off the gold lippie! You?

Anyways, here's what I bought from the store on that excursion:

  • La Femme Cake Eyeliner Sealer: This sealer is used to seal cake eyeliner, no doubt... for smudge-free properties and all that good stuff. Teacher told me it can also be used to mix with other eyeshadows to create a coloured-eyeliner. However, if you DO do that, do it on a corner or a side and remember you can't use it as a shadow anymore because the sealer has changed its properties!
  • La Femme Cake Eyeliner: You know, I've been loving cake eyeliner and this was only for $10.45, so I definitely had to pick it up! I've heard great reviews about this too!
  • Art Basics Angular Brush: This may the smallest and tiniest angled-brush you'll ever come across! I will be using it as it could reach into the corners of my small eyelids and creating a thinner line at the same time :) This brush was $4! Yay!

That's all! Hope you galz have a good day! I'm off to the markets!

Yours deerest,


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